Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2 Reviews | Hardware and Software Setup Guide

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Are you fond of traveling? Are you thinking that your travel may be hampered without a high speed WiFi network connection? Then no worries! Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 long range WiFi repeater kit can be your best confederate on the trip. The Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 is high profile outdoor version causes the popularity of it is increasing day by day. So, why keep you behind on your collection now. Just keep reading rest of the article below to understand perfectly about it.

Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2 Reviews

Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2 Reviews

Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 Long Range WiFi Repeater RV kit R36A/Tube-(U) N/AOA-2409-TF-Ant

  • The Wi-Fi Camp Pro 2 is called long range Wi-Fi repeater kit that includes Alfa R36A USB router/repeater, a high speed version.
  • The model AOA-2409-TF of outdoor Wi-Fi antenna has been encased to Alfa Tube-U(N) outdoor Wi-Fi receiver with 9 dBi fiberglass.
  • To pick up a weak Wi-Fi signal, 3 Alfa parts have been designed in it. And you can repeat it as your private hotspot.
  • Improved 1-page setup process for faster and effortless setup.
  • The updated R36A with internal performance upgrades has been embodied with it for more fast-going throughput speed.

Specifications of Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2

  • The Model is: Wi-Fi Camp Pro 2
  • Base Technology is: Alfa
  • Router Specs:
    • Wi-Fi Router is available?: Yes
      • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
      • 5GHz Wi-Fi: N/A
      • The Wi-Fi Antenna is : 1x , 8 dBi Antenna Included
      • Wi-Fi as WAN?: Yes
      • Claimed Wi-Fi Range?: Unknown
      • Guest Wi-Fi Network?: Unknown
    • Control Panel and Default Password?: Not specified
    • USB Tethering Support?: No
    • Ethernet Ports: 1x 100Mbps Fast Ethernet  (WAN / LAN Configurable)
  • Cellular Modem Specs?: N/A
  • Dimensions:
    • R36 Repeater: 3" x 2" x 1"
    • External Booster Tube: 7" x 1.75"
    • External Booster Antenna: 18" x 0.75"
  • Power Source: Both AC / DC
  • Outdoor Rated?: No
  • Special Features availability?: None
  • Retail Price:  Budget Friendly
  • Pros & Cons of Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2

    What I Like

    • Quicker and easier set up
    • It has been designed for outdoors
    • New fast version causes great popularity
    • Faster speed causes no chance of buffering
    • Best for use on boats, campers, RVs and skinny or, larger properties

    What I Don't Like

    • There is nothing particularly cons


    The traveler who likes kayaking, canoeing and long drive by a car and looks for a high speed Wi-Fi connection without buffering, this Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2 can be the best option for him/her.

    Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2 Hardware and Software Setup Guide

    Hardware Hookup: Step By Step Guideline

    1.) We have to hook up the USB cable with the Tube Receiver. Removing the cap of Tube, the spacer has to be taken out.
    2.) The rubber cover have to be removed.
    3.) Now Take the USB cable> the female end of the USB cable should be entered with the root of cab.
    4.) Taking the spacer, attach it under the USB connector.
    5.) Now take the Tube to connect USB cable>then attach the cap to the tube tightly, but over-tight is not so good>then 9 dBi antenna has to be connected to the tube> Use waterproof tape to seal off the connector here.
    6.) Then taking the 5 dBi antenna has to be connected to the r-36 a.
    7.) From the tube the USB cable has to be plugged into the USB port.
    8.) Then the Ethernet cable has to be connected between your computer and the r-36 a.

    Insert Ethernet Cable to LAN port

    9.) Finally, just plug the unit into the power source.

    Attch Power Cable to power jack to start Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2

    If there is no Ethernet Port in your computer, consult your set up guide for how to connect the r-36 a via Wi-Fi connection. At one time you have the hardware connected and powered on it is high time to configure this to enhance a network. Just watch the video above to understand clearly.

    Software Configuration

    Software Configuration for Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2
    • Opening a web browser, go to the log in URL: for the r-36 and just press -Enter.
    • After opening this page, you have to set up the password to access set up in the future.
    • After setting your password, you have to click on “Submit” button.

    All the steps of software configuration are very easy task. Just watch the video above and notice attentively how to complete the software configuration step by step. I think that you will be able to perform this full task alone without any help of others if you follow the guideline of the video above.

    After watching this video above, you can perform this software configuration by watching the following images:

    1st step

    After login, you will enter into the page of "Pick network to extend". Then click the expected network: Park_WiFi and click Select>

    2nd step

    Then you will reach in a page of "Hotspot Configuration". Just fill the blanks of Hotspot Password and Netowork Password. Then click on FINISH.

    Hotspot Configuration

    3rd step

    After buffering a while, you will reach in the next page. After completing the setup with an Ethernet cable, if you wish you can remove the cable to join the Camp Pro Wi-Fi network to confirm that it's working perfectly.

    Camp Pro Wi-Fi network is working perfectly