Best Budget Fishing Kayaks under $800 to $200 And Above

So, are you looking for the best budget fishing kayaks? No tension! I believe that if you read the entire article attentively, you can take a good decision confidently to choose the best kayak to fill your purpose.

Buying a kayak is the ultimate achievement for any aspiring angler out there. However, with so many options on the market, it can be a real challenge if you don't know what to look for in a good fishing kayak. You will need to come up with the best option to last some good years and also one that's good for your pocket.

Contrary to what you might have heard from buyers, cheap is not always expensive. Some expensive products have many features and comfort to use. Actually, it's not always true that expensive kayaks are the best for you. Just notice that what kinds of features do you need?

You can pull off a good deal without having to dig deep into your pockets. This guide will help you to know what a good kayak is and how you should choose one for yourself. We have also made the work of finding the best budget fishing kayak for you.

16 Budget Kayaks for Fishing Under and Above $800: At A Glance

  • Perception Kayak Pescador Pilot 12.0
  • Vibe Kayaks - Vibe Yellowfin 130T Kayak
  • Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak
  • Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Angler Kayak
  • Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Angler Kayak, Vibe Sea Ghost 110
  • Perception Pescador Pro Kayak
  • Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak
  • ADVANCED ELEMENTS Straightedge 2 Kayak
  • Aquaglide McKenzie 105 Inflatable Whitewater Kayak
  • Evaxo 10' Tamarack Angler Kayak, 2 Pack with Paddles
  • Dertyped Summer Three Thick Fishing Inflatable Kayak
  • Dertyped Outdoor Inflatable Fishing Kayak for Adults
  • Dertyped Three-Person Inflatable Fishing Kayak
  • Dertyped Inflatable Fishing Kayak for Adults
  • BMDHA Inflatable Multifunction Kayak
  • Solstice by Swimline Durango Kayak
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Top 6 Budget Fishing Kayak in 2021

Best Budget Friendly Fishing Kayak for All Time
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Top 6 Budget Kayaks of 2021

1. Perception Kayak Pescador Pilot 12.0

Perception Kayak Pescador Pilot 12.0 is one of the best budget kayaks

Budget Kayak Under $1800

The Perception Kayak Pescador Pilot 12.0 model is a good choice for a fishing vessel because it has virtually everything you need. The Pilot Drive propulsion system on this kayak makes movement very easy. You can maneuver easily even in the most unfriendly water environments.

This vessel is not only friendly on your budget; it actually comes with a 5 year warranty. Its seat is comfortable and healthy for your back even for people who love being out fishing for hours. This US made beauty is getting much attention from beginners and experts alike due to its customizable nature and that’s one of the reasons it made its way into this list.

Length: 12’ 5’’
Width: 33.75’’
Weight: 85 lbs.
Type: Sit on top
Capacity: 475 lbs.
Best Use : Fishing
Propulsion: Pilot Drive Pedal System
Materials: Rotomolded Polyethylene


With over 40 years of experience in kayak production, Perception Kayaks did not miss the mark with the Pescador Pilot 12.0 kayak. The Perception pescador pilot kayak is propelled by a powerful state of the art Pilot Drive pedal system that allows maximum agility and control. It also has a reverse system that is fast enough. The hands free mode of control ensures that your hands are focused on wrestling a catch as you maneuver the vessel with your feet.

The awesomeness of the chair on the perception kayak is that it is made of a mesh back and bottom to make it very comfortable. This design also ensures you are always dry and cool. The seat is perfectly set on rails that allow back and forth movement, and straps that allow your desired angle of recline.

The storage options on the perception kayak are more than enough for the average angler. It has both stern and bow storage positions with bungee tie downs, mesh net covers, and comfort carry handles.

The perception kayak is made of a high resistant material able to withstand UV rays, heavy impact and abrasion. The fact that it comes with a 5 year warranty means that the manufacturers know that it’s going to take more than just 5 years of riding to wear this vessel out. The kayak’s colors and graphics are both attractive and wear proof. Most models are presented in moss camo, red tiger camo, sonic camo and sunset colors.

There are four molded-in rod holders onboard just behind the captain’s chair, YakAttack GearTracs and a T slot for easy accessorizing. The storage pods on the cockpit provide enough room to mount a fish finder transducer and other electronics needed for fishing. If you need to install an anchor to your kayak, this models comes with a ready mounting point.


The Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0 Pedal Kayak is a fishing kayak unparalleled by most other models out there. The pedal Drive system has zero draft adjustability and the storage capability just perfect.

The cost is good too, which means we recommend this best beginner fishing kayak to every aspiring angler. The seat is not only comfortable, but also ergonomically healthy for your back, and it provides all day comfort for you while fishing. The large open cockpit is even more than you expected. It is very easy on your legs, leaving enough room for you to paddle and get to your catch just in time. We believe this kayak is a must have, and there should be no good reason why you are still thinking twice about buying it.

Pros & Cons


  • Budget friendly  
  • Pedal Drive Propulsion allows hands-free control
  • It is easy to paddle and fast enough
  • Good maneuverability


  • It is a bit heavy

2. Vibe Kayaks - Vibe Yellowfin 130T Kayak

Vibe Kayaks - Vibe Yellowfin 130T Kayak is the best budget kayak

Budget Kayak Under $1500

The Vibe Yellowfin 130T Kayak is a double paddler kayak built for fishing or just family recreation. It is an 80 pound boat able to accommodate 500 pounds of load on-board. Though made for two adult paddlers, this kayak can easily be customized for one by removing the extra seat and moving the remaining one to the center. There is also room on the boat to accommodate a child as the third occupant. It is loved for its good accessible storage options and stability in the water. The rudder ready hull of the Vibe Yellowfin makes it a good performer.

Length: 13’
Width: 35’’
Weight: 80 lbs.
Type: Sit on top
Capacity: 500 lbs.
Best Use : Fishing
Propulsion: Paddle
Materials: Rotomolded Polyethylene


This kayak is ideal for the person who is looking for a more leisure packed fishing experience. It has enough space for two paddlers, and two seats are available on board. The seats are comfortable and adjustable, so they can be placed on any of the three available positions. If you are buying this item to use it on your own, it is easy to remove the extra chair and move yours to the center for easy paddling.

The space in between the seats is large enough to allow the paddler’s legs to stretch out. There is enough storage on this boat to allow you carry necessary luggage during a fishing trip. In front of each seat, there is a storage hatch. It also has a large cargo deck at the stern. Bungee tie downs are also available to secure extra cargo and prevent it from freely moving in the boat. Additionally, the Yellowfin has two paddle parks, four mounting points for extra accessories and two flush mount rod holders.

Built out of high quality rotomolded polyethylene, this kayak is sturdy enough to withstand the elements and will surely serve you for long. It was made in average kayak weight to ensure minimum drag in the waters. It however does not have a skid plate. Stability of this vessel has been made better due to its length and width.

We know that not all tandem style kayaks have good maneuverability. The Yellowfin 130T is, however, out of the poor performance league. Able to move gracefully even in tight spaces, this boat’s double paddler capacity works very well. Since it weighs about 80 pounds, it is quite heavy for a medium sized kayak, but the fact that it is often bought for use by a pair, it is easy to carry around.

Extra features include mounting points for optional installation of gear tracks, four tackle tray holders that fit PLANO tackle tray, twelve scupper holes and plugs, and other attachment options for more and flexible accessorizing.


If you are looking for a good multipurpose kayak, the Vibe Yellowfin is the best option for you. It doubles as a fishing kayak and it is also ideal for family recreation. The fair price tag on this vessel makes it even more desirable. The seats are comfortable and safe for long hours of staying in the water. Adjustable foot braces are just perfect for added comfort especially because you will be paddling using your hands. This boat is also one of the most easy to clean models. In case you note some minor dents or deformations after using this vessel, just leave it in the sun for a day or two and it will be as good as new all over again.

Pros & Cons


  • Stable craft that allows one to fish while standing
  • Enough space for two paddlers
  • Enough accessible storage onboard
  • It is light and easy to transport to the water
  • Wide base for standing while fishing


  • It is not suitable for salt water

3. Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak

Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak is one of the best budget fishing kayaks.

Budget Kayak Under $1000

When you are looking for a quality kayak, take into consideration this Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak. It is a vessel with great characteristics and great diversity. You can use it in different occasions thanks to the good seating position that can be moved into high low position for a better control and more handling options. In addition, you can install a sail in order to completely change the way you control the kayak. This Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak is a good choice when you need a potent boat with some great possibilities. Pay attention to all the features and see why this kayak stands out from the competition.

Length: 13 feet
Width: 33"
Weight: 74 pounds
Type: Sit on top kayak
Capacity: 550 pounds
Best Use : Fishing
Propulsion: Paddles
Materials: Aluminum


This 1-person sit on top fishing kayak is designed to provide improved stability on the water, and that is not everything you get when you are in this carefully constructed vessel. Additional advantages are here to give you a full experience.

Speed and stability come together to create the best balance when on the water. It is all possible thanks to quality materials that are used for this kayak. Aluminum and additional materials are a sure bet when it comes to floating and stability. That is why constructors used these materials for making this kayak.

You are equipped with 2 flush-mount rod holders and 4 integrated gear tracks, which makes the rigging more interesting. It is important to mention that rod holders are designed in a specific way that adds additional possibilities on the water. That’s why most users choose Vibe kayaks before other manufacturers.

It does not matter if you are paddling against the strong wind or powerful currents, the rubber system is toe controlled for the complete comfort. It hugely saves your energy during the paddling and the overall feeling on the water is much better. Comparing this rubber system to other systems is very important, because most fishing kayaks use this kind of technology.

Large center console will give you a lot of space for maneuver, and the multiple storage options provide better usability. When you are in need for more space, you can use additional bungeed rear tank and rear hatch. These areas are designed to provide better storage options in times of prolonged ride. All of these will be useful if you plan to spend a day on the water fishing or having fun.

You will spend a long day on the water in improved position thanks to Vibe Hero seat that is completely comfortable and safe. All Vive Hero seats are designed to provide good back support, especially if you spend more time in the kayak. Your experience will be complete with these carefully designed seats. The comfort is definitely guaranteed when you go fishing or simply taking your relax time on the water.


With the weight of 74 lbs, this Vibe Sea Ghost 130 kayak is an ultimate solution if you need a stable and easy-to-maneuver boat with good characteristics. The capacity of 550 pounds is ideal for most users who look for a good boat. They have plenty of storage options inside the vessel and the overall feeling is improved. If you are looking for a good kayak with plenty of possibilities, go for this Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak. You'll make a good choice when searching for quality options.

Pros & Cons


  • Pre-installed toe controlled rubber system for better control of the kayak 
  • 4 integrated gear tracks and 2 flush-mount rod holders
  • Light construction is good for overall maneuver
  • Large center console provides better comfort


  • The beam might be constructed with more quality materials

4. Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Angler Kayak

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Angler Kayak is the best budget fishing kayak.

Budget Kayak Under $1000

This excellent performer belongs to the Tarpon 100 family of kayaks. Known and loved for its nice and manageable size, the Tarpon 120 is very stable and comfortable too. It is an amazing fishing vessel, though it can also be used as a recreational boat.

The manufacturers of the Tarpon made a very efficient layout on this model to create enough room for paddlers and their gear. From the seat, to the design, to the versatility, Wilderness Systems ensured that the modern angler and leisure maniac gets the paradise feeling with this kayak. You will definitely love its readiness to customize and all the ready systems on-board. Let us get to the features now.

Length: 12’ 3’’
Width: 30’’
Weight: 63 lbs.
Type: Sit on Top
Capacity: 350 lbs.
Best Use : Fishing
Propulsion: Paddle System
Materials: Rotomolded Polyethylene


The Tarpon 120 Angler Kayak is one boat with just the perfect storage options. There is enough space on it to allow you carry most of what you need while going fishing. A self-bailing Tankwell with bungee straps gives the Tarpon 120 a large storage space to store an array of fishing gear and other cargo. The scuppers are designed to prevent your gear from coming into contact with the water.

Gear storage options have been installed close to where the captain will sit so that he/she can reach what is needed fast enough. A molded in cup holder onboard helps you find a place to place your favorite drink as you go about your business. You don’t have to worry about keeping your gear and cargo dry because there are also available dry storage hatches on-board.

If you are looking for a comfortable kayak seat, then you’ve got it on this kayak. It has a unique Phase 3 AirPro seat that is fully adjustable. The mesh fabric has a honey comb vent system for clear and free airflow. It is very back friendly and healthy due to the ergonomic 3 D foam technology. This technology allows you to sit on your boat even for hours during a fishing trip without getting tired or being exposed to lower back pain.

The light weight of this vessel is complemented by side carry handles that have been designed to make it easier to carry it. There are also paddle holders onboard to hold the paddles when you are not using them. It is available in red, midnight blue, mango orange/yellow, galaxy blue and borealis green colors. You can easily accessorize this boat by taking advantage of the SlideTrax accessory system on the bow. It allows you to easily remove or add preferred accessories without the need to manipulate the design of the kayak. The large foot rests are padded to give extra comfort and support too. These foot rests are well adjustable to accommodate all heights.


The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Angler Kayak is a good choice for people looking for a fishing kayak. It is also a good recreational vessel and so it’s also ideal for lazy afternoon in the lake as you wait for sunset.

This kayak’s quality is informed by the comfortable seat, ample accessible storage, perfect size, stability, and it is very easy to accessorize. Many kayaks of similar design cannot actually match up with its maneuverability and glide. It adds to the good reputation of Wilderness Systems with the popular Tarpon family series. You can tell that people who have already bought this kayak are satisfied by reading all the impressive reviews about it.

Pros & Cons


  • Ample storage on-board
  • Nice adjustable foot rests for all heights
  • Very comfortable seats, also back friendly
  • Variety of colors to choose from


  • Capacity is limited

5. Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Angler Kayak

Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Angler Kayak is one of the Best Cheap Fishing Kayaks Under $1000 [Best Budget Options]

Budget Kayak Under $1000

The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Kayak Angler is designed for modern day fishing. Like all other Vibe kayaks, the Ghost 110 is built for speed, stability and maneuverability. It is an excellent performer in all kinds of water environments. Available in a number of colors, this boat looks more than what you would expect for an average fishing vessel. The manufacturers made it light and shorter than its peers so that it would be easier to carry and control. It competes with bigger models on capacity and the storage options on-board are just more than anyone would bargain for. Discover the power of the Vibe Sea Ghost and experience fishing on a whole new level.

Length: 11’
Width: 33’’
Weight: 62 lbs.
Type: Sit on top
Capacity: 425 lbs.
Best Use : Fishing
Propulsion: Paddle propelled
Materials: Rotomolded Polyethylene


The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Angler Kayak is known for a variety of amazing features. To start off, storage on this vessel is just right. You will find some two sealed hatches with inbuilt bag inserts, two tackle holders that fist PLANO 3600 tackle trays, a back tankwell that also has bungee storage and a big closed middle console complete with mounting points.

Its sturdy make comes from the unique rotomolded thick and high quality polyethylene. It is built to outlive many years of rough activity as long as it is well maintained. The material is also easy to clean and repair if need be. Like all other Vibe Kayaks, this model can be readily accessorized. If you don’t like the skid plate that it comes with, you can easily replace it with a preferred version. It also has ten scupper holes with plugs included.

On comfort, the Ghost 110 has this comfortable and back friendly Vibe Hero captain's Chair. On this seat, hours of fishing will just fly past and you will not even feel as tired. Then to add on to its light weight, there are four easy grip handles on which to carry the boat. There is also an already installed rudder system that can be controlled using the toes. Many customers actually praise the rudder system on this vessel in their reviews saying that it helps much when you have to paddle for long, even in rough weather. It has a well-balanced hull to add on performance and speed too.

On additional features, this fishing companion has integrated gear tracks for more customized rigging. The floor is very solid and allows you to fish while standing, without worrying about balance. This is an amazing feature especially considering that this is a short model. Because the company offers customers of this kayak a Limited Lifetime Warranty of up to one year, you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your money.


When you buy this kayak, the package will come with the Vibe Hero Seat, pre-installed kayak rudder kit and a Vibe journey kit. It is surely one vessel worth trying out. The seat is comfortable, the storage is enough, it is easily rigged for fishing, easy to carry to the water, made up of long lasting polyethylene and it has great control even in rough water. If you need to repair it, you can actually heat it up with a hair dryer and the scratched areas will be as good as new. Once you get it, it is very easy to quickly set it and get it ready to hit the water. Vibe Kayaks has definitely not disappointed with this one.

Pros & Cons


  • It has a comfortable Vibe Hero seat 
  • Excellent storage options
  • A ready rudder system for control
  • Suitable for all water environments


  • Original paddle is a little bit heavy

6. Perception Pescador Pro Kayak

Perception Pescador Pro Kayak is the Best Cheap Fishing Kayak Under $1000 [Best Budget Option]

Budget Kayak Under $900

One peek at this fishing boat might get you thinking it was built for pros. However, the Perception Pescador Pro Kayak is good even for beginners. It is a sit on top model loved especially by professional fishermen and fisherwomen. It boasts of premium level stability, excellent tracking and ample on-board storage. The captain’s seat is designed in the style of a stadium chair and there are two seating positions on-board. For the peoples whose choice is informed by color, this boat comes either in sonic camo, red tiger camo or moss camo. This product looks almost like the Perception Kayak Pescador Pilot 12.0 but it surely does have some distinguishable differences that we would like you to check out. Here are some of the cool features you will find on this model. The Perception Pescador 100 Expert Angler Kayak can be another option for the beginners like this model. But our experts think that This Perception Pescador Pro Kayak is the better than that.

Length: 12’
Width: 32.5’’
Height: 14.5’’
Weight: 64 lbs.
Type: Sit on top
Capacity: 375 lbs.
Best Use : Fishing
Propulsion: Paddle
Materials: Rotomolded Polyethylene


This boat is more than just an upgrade of the amazing Pescador series. With this kayak, you will be able to easily navigate all water environments. It is good for lakes, ponds, calm coastal waters, slow moving rivers and streams, as well as the open ocean. On storage, there is an on bow tank well as well as a rear one with an easy to reach cover. The tackle box space is recessed for user friendly storage. Additionally, to make it a good angler kayak, there are already installed rod holders and a YakAttack dual gear track system.

The seat on this kayak has been made in a unique stadium style design. It is removable and offers the captain both upright and reclined sitting positions while fishing or just moving about in the calm evening water. You can even install your own fish finder equipment because there is an available storage console for that. The price point is very pocket friendly, that makes it very desirable because its features only befits the heavy weights already in the industry.

Though the designers did not leave much room for accessorizing this model, the Pescador pro comes with the majority of what you need to make a good fishing trip. Additional features include a molded in cup holder to ensure that your favorite beverage stays without spilling as you move along. The storage space just in front of the seat was a clever move by the producers to allow easy access. The comfortable carry handles enable the owner to carry this beauty easily to the favorite fishing spots. There is actually no need to worry about the feet sliding off as you paddle. The keepers foot brace design holds the feet in place to allow you to concentrate on wrestling in your precious catch. This is also made easier by the skid plate carefully installed by the manufacturer.


As a bonus for customers, the Perception Pescador Pro Kayak comes with a Pescador paddle. It features a high quality blade that has been made to enhance maneuverability and excellent control. The 5 year warranty on this product also serves as your guarantee that it is a high quality and durable product. Additionally, it has been designed and put together in the USA by a team of professional kayak crafters. The length of this boat helps to give it the desirable speed. The width gives it stability and agility in places that other vessels cannot get to. Every feature on this model makes it a favorite among all angler levels and holiday makers.

Pros & Cons


  • The accessible storage is just great
  • Durable material
  • The adjustable pro seat is comfortable
  • Paddle park for hands free steering


  • Not easy to accessorize

Top 10 Best Budget Fishing Kayaks Under $800: At A Glance

  • Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak
  • ADVANCED ELEMENTS Straightedge 2 Kayak
  • Aquaglide McKenzie 105 Inflatable Whitewater Kayak
  • Evaxo 10' Tamarack Angler Kayak, 2 Pack with Paddles
  • Dertyped Summer Three Thick Fishing Inflatable Kayak
  • Dertyped Outdoor Inflatable Fishing Kayak for Adults
  • Dertyped Three-Person Inflatable Fishing Kayak
  • Dertyped Inflatable Fishing Kayak for Adults
  • BMDHA Inflatable Multifunction Kayak
  • Solstice by Swimline Durango Kayak

Top 10 Best Fishing Kayaks Under 800 USD [Best Budget Kayak]

Solstice by Swimline Durango Kayak is the best budget fishing kayak.

Solstice by Swimline Easily converts from 1 or 2 person configurations. Sturdy nylon covered, adjustable position bucket seats. Tough PU coated 840 Denier nylon oxford fabric top cover. Directional strakes & skew. 1000 Denier nylon bottom & 1/3 sides. 22 gauge K-80 PVC interior construction. Heavy-duty "D" ring tie-downs. Bow & aft stern covers with elastic cords for cargo. "V" shaped bottom.

In Shortly,

  • Includes: carry bag, repair kit, detachable skew, 2 seats and an owners manual
  • Color: blue/white
  • 1 or 2 person

Only 6 left in stock>>Check Price on Amazon

BMDHA Inflatable Multifunction Fishing Kayak is one of the best budget fishing kayaks.
  • Safety: BMDHA inflatable boat has passed independent technical inspection, certification: ISO 6185 standard, durable kayak service life exceeds 5 years.
  • Multi-function: Three detachable boxes, you can put books/mobile phones/fishing bait in the water.
  • Comfort: The inflatable boat seat can be adjusted, adjust the seat according to your needs.
  • Easy to carry: double shoulders design, with straps, can be easily carried when carrying, suitable for outdoor / fishing / swimming.
  • Note: The price shown does not include air pumps and paddles. You can purchase paddles or flippers for swimming.

In Shortly,

Boat Main fabric: High quality polyethylene
Liner back: PVC
Outer packaging: polyester fiber
Inflated size: length: 145CM width: 115CM thickness: 35CM
Packaging: Length: 75CM Width: 43.5CM Thickness: 10CM
Weight: 6.5KG.

Accessory box:
Three size boxes:
S: 3.4L size: 16X 18X 12 cm
M: 5.4L size: 24.5X18.5X 12cm
L: 10.7L size: 38X 23.5X 12 cm

This Boat is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 12 years old. Children between 13 and 17 years old
Use under adult supervision. Make sure to wear a life jacket.

Package include:
Inflatable boat*1

Stock Available>>Check Price on Amazon

Dertyped Inflatable Fishing Kayak for Adults is one of the best fishing kayaks under 800

Stock Unavailable>>Check Price on Amazon

Dertyped Three-Person Inflatable Fishing Kayak is one of the best fishing kayaks under 800.

Stock Unavailable>>Check Price on Amazon

Dertyped Outdoor Inflatable Fishing Kayak for Adults, it is one of the best fishing kayaks under 800 usd.

Stock Unavailable>>Check Price on Amazon

Dertyped Summer Three Thick Fishing Inflatable Kayak is one of the best fishing kayaks under 800.

Stock Unavailable>>Check Price on Amazon

Evaxo 10 Tamarack Angler Kayak, 2 Pack with Paddles is one of the best fishing kayaks under 800 usd.

10' Tamarack Angler Kayak, 2 Pack With Paddles. Explore lakes, go fishing and enjoy the great outdoors with this two-pack of Lifetime Tamarack Angler 10-foot kayaks.

The sturdy hulls support up to 275 lbs. and have flat bottoms with tracking channels and chine rails that ensure stability. These Lifetime Tamarack Angler kayaks weigh just 52 lbs. and have built-in carry handles for transport to and from the water. The high-density polyethylene construction offers lasting durability, stands up to accidental impacts and doesn't peel or fade when exposed to UV rays.

Ideal for taking on fishing trips, these Lifetime Tamarack Angler kayaks have two built-in storage hatches for stowing your gear and built-in rod holders that hold your fishing rods tightly while not in use. Make your way to the perfect fishing spot and use the paddle keeper to hold onto your paddle while you cast a line.

Boasting sit-on-top designs, these Lifetime Tamarack Angler kayaks let you sit high above the lake so you can get a good view of the water around you. The chairs are easy to adjust and have seat pads and padded backs that keep you comfortable while you fish.

Move your footrest to a comfortable position, adjust the seat to your liking and embark on your adventure in comfort.


  • Constructed of UV-protected high-density polyethylene 
  • Lightweight 50 lb. 
  • Design Multiple footrest positions for different size riders 
  • Comfortable seat back 
  • Stable flat bottom 
  • Easy carry handle 
  • Front and rear shock cord straps 6" rear storage compartment Paddle cradles Front and rear T-handles for easy transport 
  • Deep hull tracking channels, stability chine rails 
  • Durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction UV-protected–will not fade, crack or peel

Stock Available>>Check Price on Amazon

Aquaglide McKenzie 105 Inflatable Whitewater Kayak is one of the best fishing kayaks under $800.
  • WHITEWATER KAYAK: McKenzie is a whitewater recreational hybrid filled with versatile and innovative technical features; a cross-over kayak designed for running rapids, or finding perfect swell.
  • BUILT TO PERFORM: Features Duratex construction, EvoBeam technology, and 4 mesh drains for rapid water evacuation. Additional features include Posi-track fin, velcro seat, Halkey-Roberts type valve.
  • SPECIFICS: L 10’2″ x W 33.5″ (L 310cm x W 85cm) Capacity: 300 lbs. (136 kg) 1 Person. Includes: Kayak, Core 2 seat (with additional loops, floor clips and back straps) and storage backpack.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Our inflatable kayaks are designed to play as hard as you do. Portable, lightweight & built to last, they're created for rapid waters and touring.
  • AQUAGLIDE: Our passion for water sports drives us to engineer some of the best boating technologies available so you get the performance you want combined with the hassle-free portability you need.

In Shortly,

Known for challenging whitewater, the McKenzie River is rugged and unforgiving. Named after the difficult-to-tame river, the McKenzie Series is designed as a whitewater recreational hybrid with versatile technical features. Filled with innovations from Duratex construction, EvoBeam technology, and (4) mesh drains for rapid water evacuation. The McKenzie series are designed with the adventurous in mind.

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ADVANCED ELEMENTS Straightedge 2 Kayak
  • Tandem, sit-on-top inflatable kayak incorporates aluminum bow and stern frame to improve tracking in open water
  • Configure as self-bailing in bigger waves, or close ports in calm or cold water; heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin material for extreme puncture resistance
  • Measures 35 inches wide by 13 feet long inflated; measures 18 by 12.75 by 39.5 inches (W x H x D) deflated; two-person, 500-pound capacity; 47-pound weight
  • Comes with StraitEdge 2 kayak, durable storage bag, two folding seats, repair kit, and owner's manual
  • Includes limited one-year manufacturer's warranty

In Shortly,

The Advanced Elements StraightEdge 2 is a tandem, sit-on-top inflatable kayak that incorporates an aluminum bow and stern frame to improve tracking in open water conditions. It offers 3 seating positions to allow it to be set up in solo or tandem mode.

Only 6 left in stock>>Check Price on Amazon

Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak is One of the best kayaks under $800.
  • Great for lakes and rivers and to get to those excluded fishing spots
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.Retractable carrying handles
  • Tracks and paddles with ease while offering maximum stability
  • P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier). Capacity-250 pounds
  • Two flush mount and one swivel fishing rod holders

IMPORTANT – phone number is needed to schedule a delivery appointment***

In Shortly,

  • Two flush mount rod holders
  • One swivel rod holder
  • Large, comfortable seating area with adjustable padded seat
  • Open cockpit allows the easiest of entry
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Self-bailing and storage compartments
  • P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier) can be used as extra storage
  • Shock cord deck rigging
  • Protective thigh pads
  • Stock Available>>Check Price on Amazon

    List of Kayaks At Affordable Price

    • Intex Seahawk 3-Person Inflatable Boat
    • Perception Silent Traction Kit for Pescador Pro 12' Kayak
    • SevylorQuikpak K1 1-Person Touring Kayak
    • HIWENA Whale Inflatable Boat
    • Intex Explorer Inflatable Boat Series
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    What To Consider Before Choosing A Budget Kayak?

    As much as you may want the best value for your money, you should also get it right with all the important features of a dream fishing kayak.

    Use the following description as a checklist for the best fishing kayak that's worth your money in 2020. We will review the top best budget model and examine it under each of these marks and then leave you to decide if it is worth your money. Customers often consider a kayak going for less than $1000 to be budget friendly. We therefore searched and searched until we arrived at the best budget kayak. We have informed here the best budget fishing kayaks both under and above $1000 as if you can choose the best one according to your budget.

    Remember that your choice doesn't have to be best on all features. Some people will go for size, others weight and others will just go with the cheaper option. Some people look at the best features of the kayak; here the high price is not a factor. So, notice attentively all the features below:

    Deck Space
    Accessible Storage
    Weight Capacity
    Comfort Level
    Keel or No Keel

    Deck Space

    First of all, ample deck space on a fishing kayak offers you more stability as well as comfort. That's why it is advisable to try out a kayak before buying one. Try as much as possible to avoid the models that you have to create space in for important accessories.

    A good kayak should have enough space to accommodate necessary fishing gear and still manage not to look so crowed. Don't go for a model that requires you to remove the seat to create space.

    Some Sit-On-Top Kayaks have enough deck space to even fit a cooler and other items that are not even on the list of must have. You can even carry your dog along to your favorite angling spot.

    Accessible Storage

    You are expecting to get to the shore with some fishes and so storage should be a priority. You will need plenty of space to hold all your fishing accessories. Enough storage space means that you don't have always choose what to carry and what to leave behind when going fishing. You also need to reserve some space to carry home your catch of fishes.

    A kayak with good storage will also have a place to attach the paddle so that it doesn't fall into the water as you fish. Check whether the important storage places are within reach even when you are seated.

    The Hobie Mirage outback has what you would call accessible storage. This kayak has several different size cup holders and hatches at all the convenient places. There's also an array of bungee pockets, and the rear has long shelves for additional storage. The downside of the Mirage Outback is that it is relatively expensive than other models.

    The Tamarack on the other hand has spacious storage with two dry compartments and the seat sometimes comes with a built-in backpack. It also has front and back bungee cargo holding areas and two six inches extra storage hatches.

    Weight Capacity

    If you are looking for a kayak that's going to carry more luggage or one that will support heavy body weight, the kayak which has 350 lbs weight capacity is a perfect choice. In this regard, you can choose the Lifetime Tamarack Kayak.

    The reason why the Tamarack kayak is a good option is that it balances its weight capacity with good length. 350 lbs. is good when you add in necessary gear and your entire weight. The front and back cargo wells mean that this kayak was meant to handle a considerable amount of load.

    Comfort Level

    Comfort in a kayak is determined by the interior and overall design of the model as well as the environment in which you're going to fish.

    Moving water might keep you rocking and shifting position to maintain balance. People who want more comfort often go for sit in models. Generally, more comfort comes at a relatively higher cost.


    Portability of a kayak means that it is light enough to move to the shore. While some models are light enough to carry along easily, some need to be towed by a vehicle.

    The fact that today's kayaks are all considerably heavier than earlier models means that you might always have to carefully select the luggage you carry with you while fishing. It is also worth nothing that sit on top kayaks are much heavier than sit in models.

    The most portable kayak models are the inflatable. Although you will have more works getting it ready as well as maintaining it, it is the way to go if you're looking for easiness to carry.

    Keel or No Keel

    Modern kayaks are made with a retractable keel while some are permanent and some don't even have one. A keel gives the kayak more control and also improves its speed so it's better to buy a fishing kayak that has one.

    Seeing that you might fish in different types of water environments at different times, it is wise to buy a kayak that has a retractable keel. You will need it in deep water for easier paddling. If you are heading out to shallow water that might be rocky, you don't need the keel.


    Kayak manufacturers are now keen on producing models that are extra stable. It is even possible to fish while standing on some models. Make sure to always ask if you can easily stand on the kayak before you buy it. The ones on which you can stand are usually the most stable. The stability of a fishing kayak is mostly determined by its design. Wider kayaks are known to be more stable and are also good for people who have a big body size.

    To reduce the chances of tipping over as you fish, it is advisable that you select a good fishing spot that allows you to stand. Though not such a good maneuver, some kayaks are made stable by its unique chine rail design on the hull and so you can easily fish as you stand on it.


    Something else to consider when buying a kayak is whether you want to anchor or drift while fishing. An anchor is a must have if you will be fishing in a river because you need to be steady. You will also need an anchor if you will at one point stand on your kayak.

    Drifting, on the other hand, doesn't require anchorage and is best for water that's moving slow. Since most kayaks don't come packed together with an anchor, you will most likely have to buy one. It is however not necessary if you will constantly only fish in shallow or still waters.

    The kayak which is stable and durable, it is best for rivers and lakes. But some of them are however not best for long fishing trips. The fact that it is not the best in maneuvering means that you will need to buy an anchor for it.


    Thermoform kayaks are made of ABS or a form of styrene alloy. They are very light and often come in very appealing colors. Most thermoform models have an extra layer of UV protection to give them a longer life. They are also recyclable and tend to fade out after long periods of use.

    Inflatable or foldable kayaks are made of rubber or plastic fabrics. They can be carried in a medium size backpack and are easily assembled and inflated for use. They are light cheap buy are not really worth buying if you're looking for something to last long. They can easily get punctured and be repairing those just makes the damage worse.

    Next on line are fiberglass kayaks. They are made of different kinds of synthetic fabrics by layering them on top of each other and molding them together. Fiberglass kayaks are currently the most expensive options. Even so, the cost is compensated in their fast speed and great control.

    Finally, there are wooden kayaks. Though not made entirely out of wood, these are easy to make as well as repair. They often have a resin or fiberglass finish that gives them a luxurious look. They are also fairly cost effective and much lighter. The greatest disadvantage of wooden kayaks is that they are not ideal for rocky rivers.

    Polyethylene (Plastic) kayaks are also known as rotomolded kayaks. They are made by molding the polyethylene into a full single piece of kayak. This model makes the heaviest but cheapest kayaks. It's basically the best choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly buy. Some kayaks are made up of high-density polyethylene and a coat that is resistant to UV rays to prevent it from bleaching.


    If budget is the greatest determiner of your choice, check out the models that have either removable seating pads or molded-in seats. They are not the most comfortable, but still, you can have a good fishing experience if you're not planning to be out for long.

    More comfortable kayak seats that offer good back support are on high budget models.

    The seat is sometimes the most expensive thing on a kayak because manufacturers are now paying more attention to comfort. This should however not make you feel pressed down to spend more on a fishing kayak just because the seat looks fancy.

    You can always customize one for yourself or have it made at a lower price. Some kayaks have an adjustable seat but it's not the most comfortable seat you will find among peers.


    The best budget fishing kayak is not complete if you haven't added all the required accessories onto it. When looking to not spend so much money, make sure you only get the necessary accessories.

    For a regular fishing experience, you will need some of the following items. A life-jacket, anchor, floating device, paddle, required safety equipment, dry bag, and necessary fishing gear. Try to check whether the kayak you're buying can be easily accessorized. You might need to buy an accessory for a better fishing experience only to find out that your kayak doesn't have a place for it.

    Ask whether the kayak supports universal accessories. Even if it costs a little more than one that doesn't support, you had better just add those extra bucks to your budget.

    Final Thought

    Maybe you are an expert kayak angler and so, you are looking for something different. Maybe you are the newbie for fishing and so, you are looking for the best kayak for beginning. We have come to try heart and soul by informing details about kayaks’ features as if you can choose the best one.

    The experience on your first kayak fishing expedition should be quite a memorable moment. That's why we took our time to offer you the best insights. You know what’s your budget and what features do you need. By considering budget and features, you can choose the best kayak for you.

    Here, we have informed you some fishing kayaks according to your budget. You may have a little knowledge about kayak and kayak fishing method; I think that you can choose the right one from the list here.