Best Drysuit For Kayaking of 2019

When the season’s change and the water and air temperatures drop, it might be difficult to go kayaking when you don’t have the necessary type of equipment to keep you warm. That’s the main reason why you should invest in a dry suit.

Dry suits are special clothing that keeps water out, and they are able to do this because they are made from special materials and zippers that seal perfectly. There is also a gasket that fits tightly around your arms and neck. The goal is to keep you dry and not warm; therefore, you will have to wear another layer of clothing in cold conditions. There are many kayaking dry suits and you have to make sure that you are choosing the right product. In this guide, we are going to discuss the most important features you should look for if you want to choose the best drysuit for kayaking.

Top 10 Kayaking Drysuits Reviews

1. Stohlquist Amp Drysuit

Stohlquist Amp Drysuit with Tunnel Drysuit

2. Stohlquist EZ Drysuit

Stohlquist Ez Drysuit

3. Level 6 Emporer Drysuit

Level Six Emperor 3.0 Ply Drysuit

4. Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit

Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit

5. Ocean Rodeo Ignite Breathable Drysuit

Ocean Rodeo Ignite 2.0 Breathable Drysuit

6. O’neill Boost Drysuit

O_Neill Boost 300g Drysuit

7. Kokatat Idol Drysuit

Kokatat Idol Drysuit

8. Kokatat Front Entry Drysuit

Kokatat Mens Gore-Tex Front Entry Drysuit

9. Stohlquist Shift Drysuit

Stohlquist Waterware Shift Drysuit

10. Kokatat Hydrus Meridian Drysuit

Kokatat Hydrus Meridian Drysuit Logo

 Final Verdict

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the material. Most kayaking drysuits are made from special nylon fabric or Gore-Tex. The latter might be more expensive, but breathable, allowing moisture to escape. With this drysuit, you will be more comfortable in it after long periods of time. On the other hand, nylon will prevent water from entering but it is not breathable.

It should also fit well since they are meant to keep your body dry. You should buy a drysuit that is the same size as your regular clothing. Other features are reflectivity, color, relief zipper, seals and zippers. The suit may also have other features for comfort and durability.

To wrap things up, getting the right kayaking drysuit can significantly improve your experience. It will help you to enjoy your hobby throughout the year, regardless of the season. Finding the right kayaking drysuit basically depends on your personal needs and budget.