Best Drysuit For Kayaking of 2022

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When the season’s change and the water and air temperatures drop, it might be difficult to go kayaking when you don’t have the necessary type of equipment to keep you warm. That’s the main reason why you should invest in a dry suit.

Dry suits are special clothing that keeps water out, and they are able to do this because they are made from special materials and zippers that seal perfectly. There is also a gasket that fits tightly around your arms and neck. The goal is to keep you dry and not warm; therefore, you will have to wear another layer of clothing in cold conditions. There are many kayaking dry suits and you have to make sure that you are choosing the right product. In this guide, we are going to discuss the most important features you should look for if you want to choose the best drysuit for kayaking.

10 Best Kayak Drysuits: At A Glance

  • Stohlquist Amp Drysuit
  • Stohlquist EZ Drysuit
  • Level 6 Emporer Drysuit
  • Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit
  • Ocean Rodeo Ignite Breathable Drysuit
  • O’neill Boost Drysuit
  • Kokatat Idol Drysuit
  • Kokatat Front Entry Drysuit
  • Stohlquist Shift Drysuit
  • Kokatat Hydrus Meridian Drysuit
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Top 10 Kayaking Drysuits Reviews

1. Stohlquist Amp Drysuit

Stohlquist Amp Drysuit with Tunnel Drysuit

If you love Kayaking, you have to love this fantastic piece of the best Drysuit for Kayaking. First of all, the combination of two contrasting colors looks cool. But it is not the design that makes it the number one on our list. Instead,itstwin sensors supported by the 4-layers of drywear fabrics. It features DWR treatments, a fabric made of a nylon shell, as well as breathable and waterproof protection. These add excellent durability, comfort, and safety for the cloth, and its wearer.

The neck and wrist gasket aremade with the soft latex for better tear and UV resistance. Furthermore, the drysocks are made with durable fabric also that gives comfort, breathable feature,universal fittings, and secure entry all in one package.

You will surely love its relief zippers and cross pocket entry the wrist over cuffs supporting adjustability. Lastly, the reflective panels and relaxed fit will be incredibly suitable for long-time Kayaking.


  • The fabric is made out of 4-layers of drawers for durability.
  • It combines breathable, waterproof, and UV protection features excellently.
  • Crops pocket and relief zippers are good at the quick wearing of the dress.
  • Strategy 1: Pros & Cons


    • Three years limited warranty  
    • Quick wearing
    • Advanced fabric
    • Durable
    • Feet have universal fittings


    • Durability is not up to the mark

    2. Stohlquist EZ Drysuit

    Stohlquist Ez Drysuit

    This is the second product from the famous brand Stohlquist, and it is for no simple reason. This product epitomizes the definition of top-notch quality. Yes, it is made of high-quality nylon fabric that has 4-layers.

    What’s more, the nylon features twin-sensors with a breathable and waterproof facility. The fabric has small pores and hydrophobic features for better aircirculation and natural movement. Whereas, the neck gasket is made with skin-friendly neoprene. Then, the drysuit also has two different zipper systems- a relief system, and the second one is a standard cross-chest zipper. Both of them are waterproof and durable. The seats have been reinforced with Cordura whereas, the knees are supported with mesh drainers for excellent protection.

    Both thigh and arm pockets are placed cleverly for easy access while the wrist gasket comes along UV protection.


  • The nylon fabric has four different layers for protection against shocks.
  • Small pores help better air circulation.
  • Both zippers are watertight.
  • Excellent positioning of the pockets.
  • Strategy 2: Pros & Cons


    • Extremely durable  
    • Affordable price
    • Retains the heat perfectly
    • Water may seep through the gasket


    • None reported so far

    3. Level 6 Emporer Drysuit

    Level Six Emperor 3.0 Ply Drysuit

    This premium-quality kayaking suit is ideal for most kayaking lovers. The ripstop nylon is 100% waterproof that makes the outside durable and always ready for use. Moreover, Level Six has reinforced the shoulder, arms, seats, as well as knees and elbow with the Cordular panels for further protection against shockwaves.

    The kayaking suit has two various zippers- the backside zip and regular relief zipper in the front. The back zipper allows easy entry and exit from the rear while the relief zipper enables convenient and comfortable management in case of natural calls.

    The inner lining is breathable and waterproof also. Moreover, there is double Clinch management for dry seal. Finally, the lower and chest pockets are brilliantly positioned for keeping your hands warm during the cold.


  • It is made with ripstop nylon for durability.
  • Cordura panel protections work well against abrasions.
  • It has two different zippers at the rear and front.
  • The inner lining and outside both are waterproof.
  • Breathable mesh soaks sweat to keep the inside dry.
  • Strategy 3: Pros & Cons


    • Waterproof  
    • Breathable mesh
    • Durable
    • Has an emergency whistle
    • The suit is reinforced with Cordula panels


    • Overpriced

    4. Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit

    Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit

    You might be wondering how did this kiteboarding suit gets an entry in the list, am I right? But, how come such excellent features can miss a kayaking entry? This drysuit will give you an at-home feeling as if you were born and brought up on the water.

    The primary zipper system is cross relief that is incredibly convenient for a natural call. Moreover, unlike most kayaking suits, it comes along two parts. The jacket has a two-way zip system for easy exit and entry. You can easily loosen the neck gasket for your comfort as you walk along the sandy beaches. In case there is cold wind, you may prefer using the detachable hood also.

    The drysuit is available in both dry and standby mode. The dry style will keep you warm and waterproof, while the standby mode enables neck sealing. All these features will make you fall in love with the drysuit.


  • It is a brilliant drysuit for Kayaking in the cold condition. 
  • The entry and exit are comfortable.
  • The seals are durable and remain intact even after prolonged use.
  • Strategy 4: Pros & Cons


    • Durable
    • Excellent sealing
    • Waterproof and warm inside
    • Stylish design


    • The latex pockets are small
    • Slightly overpriced

    5. Ocean Rodeo Ignite Breathable Drysuit

    Ocean Rodeo Ignite 2.0 Breathable Drysuit

    This is our second pick from the Ocean Rodeo. It is more like a cross between a weather gear and drysuit to optimize the effect of both. The adjustable seals have different layers of the range that are equally supported by the recently upgraded Captive zipper system.

    The ankles, knees, wrists, and waist all these positions can be made totally sealed. It makes the kayaking suit as the perfect drysuit. If you want to change it into a regular 'standby' mode, quickly remove the neck seal and open the dry zip. That's Done!

    What’s best about it is that you can perform all these works, without removing the PFD. Moreover, there is a wader belt to help prevent water enter into the inside portion to keep you dry and safe. 

    Nonetheless, you can’t separate the pants and dry top since there is no spray kit with the suit. Sadly, there no inner lining, either making it vulnerable against moist conditions.


  • A perfect cross between weather gear and drysuit.
  • It facilitates quick conversion between the standby and dry mode.
  • It comes with the Captive zipper.
  • Strategy 5: Pros & Cons


    • There are wader belts  
    • Seals are adjustable
    • Can also be used during foul weather
    • Two different modes


    • Expensive
    • Lacks inner lining
    • Spray kit is not available either

    6. O’neill Boost Drysuit

    O_Neill Boost 300g Drysuit

    Do you love going into cold water kayaking and still want to keep yourself dry and warm? If you tick our answer on the ‘Yes’ box, then, this O'Neill Men's Boost Drysuit is meant for you. Weighing only 300g for every sq. Meter, this is one of the lightest drysuits at present in the market.

    Thankfully, this boating suits will make your rowing, boating, and kayaking experience a memorable one no matter what the time of the year it is.  The manufacturer has used 100% waterproof tri-laminated nylon for puncture-resistant and durability.

    There is sufficient space underneath so that you may wear your regular clothes comfortably. Similarly, you won’t feel any restrictions as you make any move, thanks to its fitting like a jumpsuit. Furthermore, the waterproof seams ensure that you will remain dry under all circumstances.

    The latex sealing is thick enough to support the watertight system, while the sturdy rear zipper allows convenient entry and exit. All these make it one of the best Drysuit For Kayaking.


  • It weighs 300 g per sq. Meter.
  • Tri-laminated nylon is 100% waterproof and durable.
  • It has enough space to wear regular clothes underneath.
  • Strategy 6: Pros & Cons


    • Lightweight  
    • Excellent fitting
    • Easy entry and exit
    • Suspenders are integrated
    • Breathable mesh


    • It doesn’t have any pockets

    7. Kokatat Idol Drysuit

    Kokatat Idol Drysuit

    Now, it’s time to introduce you all with the most versatile paddling suits at present available in the market. The outfits can be fully detachable from the waist, thanks to its newly designed SwitchZip technology. It’s 100% waterproof and made of premium-quality plastic, ensuring total dryness during kayaking sessions.

    If you are someone who has frequently used the rear or front-end zippers before, you will get to know the difference almost straightaway. The waist separation is far more straightforward than the front and rear end zipper system.

    Additionally, you can move your hands and arms with more freedom, since there is no zipper on the top and chest also. The high-wear areas such as elbow and knee are better protected with Gore-Tex and Cordura reinforced pro-shells.

    This fantastic piece of drysuit is made to withstand timeless uses while keeping you dry and warm under all weather. What else you want from a product that offers such an amazing price range?


  • The SwtichZip technique is 100% waterproof.
  • The suit is enabled to be separated from the waist for quick exit and entry.
  • Reinforced panels protect High-wearing areas.
  • Strategy 7: Pros & Cons


    • Affordable  
    • Relaxed fitting
    • Additional latex support
    • Durable


    • Overweight
    • No breathable mesh

    8. Kokatat Front Entry Drysuit

    Kokatat Mens Gore-Tex Front Entry Drysuit

    Everytime I see someone kayaking wearing this beautiful piece of a drysuit, it reminds me of the dashing and smart Michael Phelps. Such is the grace of this Kokatat built drysuit. The front side zipper is positioned asymmetrically for effortless entry and exit. It is like wearing your favorite pair of deck shoes.

    The drysuit successfully covers all of your neck, waist, and knees allowing you to plummet and race sailboats across nasty falls and against the strong currents of a river. There’s no fear of injury since the inside part is made of premium-quality laminated and membrane shell. Similarly, the outside portion enjoys protection from the 3-layers of pro-shell from Gore-Tex.

    The cuff gasket is made with neoprene latex for incredible support and natural movement. The seams are fully taped with waterproof ones that keep you dry all the time. Moreover, the airtight design keeps the interior at an optimum temperature all the time.


  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Reflective lights are good at highlighting you amidst people.
  • Integrated socks are comfortable.
  • Knees and seat are reinforced with new panels
  • Strategy 8: Pros & Cons


    • Durability 
    • Leakage proof
    • Seams are taped
    • Reflective


    • There’s no hood with it
    • Medium fit only

    9. Stohlquist Shift Drysuit

    Stohlquist Waterware Shift Drysuit

    If you want something of premium-quality at an affordable price, we strongly recommend them this Stohlquist Waterware Shift Drysuit. There’s nothing you are going to hate about the drysuit. The main material is nylon shell neoprene that has 3- layers of lamination to add excellent safety and durability.

    Furthermore, Stohlquist has used 5000 Cordura nylon to reinforce the seat and knee arrangements. The neck, wrist, and ankles gaskets are made of high-quality latex that is comfortable and durable also. The removable hood is an excellent way to protect your head from cold winds during winters.

    The relief zipper will be a fantastic advantage when attending natural calls. Moreover, the chest pocket has a headphone port that is great for music lovers like me. On top of it, the internal part has elastic suspenders for preventing bunching during critical times.


  • Cordura 5000 nylon has been used to reinforce the seat and knees.
  • Available both in ‘standby’ and ‘dry’ mode.
  • Reflective nature is good at identifying people from a distance.
  • Strategy 9: Pros & Cons


    • Detachable hood 
    • Spray skirt with Gripp-Loc
    • Reliable latex gaskets
    • Cost affordable
    • Elastic suspenders


    • Tough mobility
    • Snug-fitting

    10. Kokatat Hydrus Meridian Drysuit

    Kokatat Hydrus Meridian Drysuit

    Although mainly the Kokatat Hydrus 3L Meridian Dry Suit is made for men’s, there is another version available for females too. The significant part is that you may choose from the orange, pink and electric blue color, which are not only stunning but also durable and sturdy. 

    The manufacturer has used Cordura for reinforcing positions where it counts the most, such as ankles and wrist. The main fabric is, however,a 3-layered laminated nylon that has a neoprene shell. With it, you have the luxury to wear anything underneath to fit against even the freezing cold since it comes with a medium fit.

    There’s no place of doubt about its durability since Kokatat presents a lifetime warranty. This shows how confident they are with the making quality of the drysuit that itself speaks about the product. So, you won’t feel disappointed at any given point of time with the drysuit.


  • The suit is perfect for adverse cold weather due to its super warm inside.
  • Cordura reinforcing is incredible at providing safety where necessary.
  • The pockets have the self-draining facility, and that’s nice to have.
  • Strategy 10: Pros & Cons


    • Super comfortable  
    • Perfect for cold weather
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Waterproof frontzipper


    • None reported so far
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    How To Select The Best Drysuit For Kayaking: An In-Depth Buyer Guide

    A drysuit will keep you cocooned within the warmth and dryness of the suit. It is usually looser and at the same time, more expensive than the traditional wetsuits. However, buying the best drysuit for Kayaking isn't a tough task as some people tend to think. Here is a quick guidebook on how to select the best fitted and most comfortable kayaking drysuitat an affordable price.

    It has to be remembered that the kayaking drysuits don’t have any extravagant features that make them distinctive from one another. All the differences are minor. Yet, these slight distinctions do make a huge difference. Thus, we decided to shed light on these issues for your convenience.  

    So, stay tuned for an enthralling and informative buyer guide on the kayaking drysuit.


    Drysuits are available in a wide range of accessories. Some are slim-fitted with an almost body-hugging feeling. This type of suit disallows people to wear more clothes beneath it. Some fit quite loosely that allows people to relax a bit with more freedom to move along. This is also good for harsh weather as you can wear more clothes beneath it.

    So, decide what you prefer, a loose-fitting or a tightly fitted drysuit. Also,please take note of the layers of cloth you would prefer to wear beneath it.


    Manufacturers mostly use Gore-Tex to make their drysuits. Although it is an expensive fabric, it is excellent for waterproofing and weatherproofing. Besides, it is also good at creating a breathable atmosphere that is suitable for users in sweaty situations.

    However, if you want something in a slightly low-budget, you may prefer the nylon-based drysuits. The nylon is coated with layers so that it may ward off the water successfully. Also, take consideration of the reinforcement material. Most manufacturers use Cordula to strengthen the wrist, neck and knee area for safety reasons.


    Drysuits are made to keep your warm ad dry in every situation. Obviously, you won’t like to get frozen in the cold wind. But it is even more dangerous to sweat inside and feel the cold outside. In case it happens, we fear that you will get hypothermia.

    To avoid such risky conditions, breathability is a must. Fortunately, Gore-Tex fabric has high breathability and durability. Similarly, neoprene nylons also have excellent breathability. So, you may be assured to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable sweat-free inside with the drysuit by choosing either the nylon or Gore-Tex fabric.

    Entry and Exit Type

    It will determine how fast you may enter into your kayaking drysuit and how quickly you can leave it. Traditional kayaking drysuits come along with either the front or the rear entry. These rear and front type entries are more straightforward and hence, recommend by us.

    Nonetheless, in recent times, some drysuits have emerged with break down feature in the middle. These are preferable if you want to use either the top or the bottom part. Or, you may use both the part in tandem. 


    A good-quality drysuit isn’t a small investment. However, looking at the fantastic features the drysuit offers, the pricing shouldn’t be an issue. And that’s the way it should go since there’s no-price tag justified for entertainment and safety of yourself. After all, quality leisure and life’s safety come first, all the time!

    So, budget your expenditure early. You should also stick to it and look for the most suitable drysuits underneath your budget. Even don’t get tempted to spend more.


    I have already told that a good-quality kayaking drysuit doesn’t come at a low price. Hence, it would help if you were cautious that your investment is worth it. The only way to do it is to get a reliable guarantee. Furthermore, it also ensures that all of your boisterous acts, such as Kayaking, boating, and fishing, will continue for years with the same drysuit.

    Fortunately, most manufacturers will provide a three to five years long limited warranty. Some will even step forward with a fantastic lifelong limited warranty period; such is their confidence in their premium drysuits.

    Drysuits or Wetsuits: Which to Use When

    Wetsuit vs Drysuit Kayaking: Traditionally people think that wetsuits are more suitable than the drysuits in water.Unfortunately, it is a heavily guarded misconception. Admittedly, experts believe that drysuits are better to keep people warm out of water. So, if you are considering to spend most of your time in Kayaking instead of performing occasional spills, it's better investing in a drysuit. It will not only keep you warm and dry but also will help you maneuver with confidence and comfort.

    Therefore, if you are out in the cold weather, paddling or kayaking your boat, the key is to invest your money on the best drysuit for Kayaking. Itwill not only keep you dry and warm but also ensure your safety from abrasions and unwanted shocks.

    Moreover, if the weather scale hit as low as 20-degree Celsius, you ought to buy a drysuit since wetsuits won’t work on such harsh conditions. It is understandable that people mostly tend to prefer using wetsuits since these come along a lower price-tag. Nonetheless, the drysuits are the only perfect clothing to keep cold and hypothermia at bay even though these costs a little more than the traditional wetsuits.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. I am a scuba diver. Can I use the drysuit for my scuba diving purpose?

    Yes, of course, you can use the drysuits to perform your scuba diving. But we humbly request you to take a note that you will require to choose a scuba diving drysuit for the fulfillment of the purpose. All the kayaking drysuits in our detailed review list features breathability. Since breathability isn’t possible under the water, so these drysuits won’t fit in your demand. However, specially designed scuba diving drysuits will act correctly to keep you warm and dry inside even under the water.

    2. Is it necessary to wear a drysuit during Kayaking?

    Yes, it is almost mandatory if you want to remain safe from the risk of getting hypothermia. While Kayaking, water will keep continuing to splash mostly on your body. It will be even more frequent if you are a wild kayaking lover.

    Since water takes your body warmth faster than air, you will soon end up losing a substantial amount of your temperature resulting in life-risking hypothermia. So, to stay safe even during your fun time, it is admissible to wear a good-quality kayaking drysuit.

    3. Why are the drysuits so much expensive?

    Most drysuits are made using Gore-Tex fabric, which is not cheap by any means. Furthermore, nylon built drysuits are also made using a laminated three-layered cloth that is not cheap either. Hence, the drysuits have such an expensive price-tag. However, it’s worth an investment considering the fantastic performance it gives the wearer. Logo

     Final Verdict

    The first thing you need to keep in mind is the material. Most kayaking drysuits are made from special nylon fabric or Gore-Tex. The latter might be more expensive, but breathable, allowing moisture to escape. With this drysuit, you will be more comfortable in it after long periods of time. On the other hand, nylon will prevent water from entering but it is not breathable.

    It should also fit well since they are meant to keep your body dry. You should buy a drysuit that is the same size as your regular clothing. Other features are reflectivity, color, relief zipper, seals and zippers. The suit may also have other features for comfort and durability.

    To wrap things up, getting the right kayaking drysuit can significantly improve your experience. It will help you to enjoy your hobby throughout the year, regardless of the season. Finding the right kayaking drysuit basically depends on your personal needs and budget.

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