Best Face Mask for Virus Protection | Reviews & Life Saving Guide

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Are you worried to Coronavirus and so looking for the best face mask for virus protection? Don't worry! You are now in the right place.

All of your kind attention to visit the  Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC website) for the latest safety instructions to avoid Corona Virus/COVID-19 Pandemic.

CDC & WHO doesn’t encourage randomly using any wearing devices including face mask in the infected area or close contact with the virus infected patient. Rather, they are repeatedly told to wash hands frequently, wear Personal Equipment (PPE) etc.

Grabbing the best face mask for virus protection is essential for all the time when there is most probable inhaling dangerous microscopic organisms or contaminated dust in the surrounding environment.

Like the present global headache CoronaVirus Pandemic COVID 19 virus or particles of solid & liquid suspended in the air, popularly known as Suspended Particulate Matter(SPM) or Particular Matter(PM), fumes, vapors- face mask is a must used as the air purifying respirator.

There are two main broad categories of respirators –1. Air supplied respirator (only breathable air) & 2.Air purifying respirator (filtering contaminated air). You need to know the best face mask virus protection available in the market & which one meets your ultimate health benefits as recommended by NIOSH air-filtration rating.

Top 4 Face Masks for Virus Protection: At A Glance

  • 3M 8511 Respirator, N95 Mask
  • Filter Ply Disposable Face Mask
  • PLAZALA Disposable Face Mask
  • 3M Safety N-95 8210 Plus Mask

Best Face Mask for Virus Protection - Reviews

1. 3M 8511 Respirator, N95

3M 8511 Respirator N95

In this pandemic period of CoronaVirus, the high demand of 3M 8511 N95 Mask or respirator by 3M has proven its super acceptability for the general people to a health professional because of its efficiency & conveniences.

The people of all corners now rush to this respirator as this N-95 respirator or Mask is the U.S. standard certified (U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health –NIOSH air filtering rating), Chinese Standard (K.N. 95 respirator) & European Union FFP2, FFP3 Standard facepiece respirator.

The latest series of 3M 8511 masks is fully elastomeric. Out of the different main broad categories of face masks –elastomeric, particular filtering & filter cartridges respirators, the latter respirator is reusable & discarded unless excessive  use & physically damaged.

Here, Synthetic Polymer Fiber is used from a highly melting processing way. Its internal filtration layer is exclusively filtered against viruses & bacteria.

Most importantly, 3M 8511 has 95 % filterable air for non-gas or oil centric elements. But other surgical Masks allow the unhygienic filter to protect from chemical, biological, radiological & nuclear (CBRN) based incidents in the air. On the other hand, due to its high tightly fitting, this Mask is prone to block  dangerous particles through the mouth & nose completely.

The most notable features of this 3M 8511 mask are its built-in cool valve & M-shaped nose clip, which significantly helps the wearer lessening the internal heat of the respirator & comfortable for all the time.

Strategy 1: Pros & Cons


  • Available in a box with a couple of various amounts
  • Comfortable breathing
  • Human body-friendly woolen fiber
  • Great for use in the lab for virus & bacteria researchers
  • Excellent for using indoor & outdoor
  • Braided headbands offer a without hassling a long time wearing
  • The filter is simultaneously amazing to protect dust, pollen, or patients' fluids


  • A little pricey
  • Sizes are limited


8511 respirator/mask comes with an almost global standard. If you don't want to take any risk, whether in your working area or visiting any patient, it should be on your shortlist.  

How To Wear-  3M 8511 Respirator, N95 Mask

How to clean Your 3M 8511 Respirator, N95 Mask

2. Filter Ply Disposable Face Mask by Unihow

Unihow Filter Ply Disposable Face Mask

If you are searching for a three-ply disposable face mask, then our premium choice is Unihow Disposable Mask.

In this hazardous social distance, COVID-19 infected time, whenever you go out, use a new disposable respirator of Unihow. The material is fully disposable;e and certified by U.S. Food 7 Drug Administration. Usually, the same mechanisms come wearing the facepiece-a cloth harness is used in the wearers' head with straps.

As an air purifier or pure air-supplied respirator, this Mask is a cheap priced single time using & disposable face masks. The environment-friendly fabric is very protective against droplets from humans & guards best from dust-cleaner, builder, or health workers.

This can be used as a surgical Mask- a loose-fitting, disposable Mask, which greatly works to prevent hazardous contaminants in the environment. Such kinds of examples are large particle droplets from the man's mouth containing viruses & bacteria & also make the environment less risky by reducing the wearer's swearer's respiratory secretions & saliva to others.

The manufacturing efficiency is excellent for its different light layers. Those layers block unwanted particles effectively but allow fresh air for safe living. This light weighty mask offers more effortless wearing  for a full day.

It is a cheap pack. Not only is extra light just a few ozs but also ultra thickness (170.958 mm) allows wearing more than one piece at a time if the environment is really very contaminated & dangerous to human health. But surprisingly, that doesn't create any breathable problem.

This disposable face mask is a little different than the same types of other brands available in the market because of its convenient use & health-friendly. Within a simple & comfortable ear hook, any wearer from general people to student, doctor, or nurse can work without any trouble feeling.

Strategy 2: Pros & Cons


  • Expandable, so very easy to wear for any age group
  • Different value packs-50 or 100 packs are available
  • The manufacturing material is certified & quality control
  • Adjustable & well fitted
  • Used in multiple applications
  • Very reasonable price


  • You need to wear more than one for the best protection
  • Exhaling air makes your eyeglass foggy as it has no extra hole


This Unihow Mask is very effective against viruses, bacteria & contaminated air particles. Very positively reviewed & highly recommended.

Mask Rule: Wearing and Tearing Off for Facial Protection

3. PLAZALA Disposable Face Mask -50 PCS

PLAZALA Disposable medical Face Cover

In this outbreak of the global coronavirus crisis throughout the world, people rush to purchase one of the best disposable surgical face shields or masks by Plazala.

This mask is popularly used in Eastern Asia-especially China, Japan, South Korea, etc. They use it to protect fatal airborne virus & bacteria & due to its pragmatic usefulness, this facial shield is a topmost selling item in all worldwide stores.
The materials are non-woven fabric from long fibers, staple fiber & paper sheet with human health-friendly chemical mixer, which comes in three layers (3-ply) flexible designed allowing great protection against virus & dust.

The melt-blowing technology of micro & nanofibre forms its most filterable & sorbent sheet. It blocks any hazardous droplets from sick persons or microbes floating in the environment. Moreover, using pleats with it is excellently convenient to hold the mask covering the nose to the chin.
The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) certified face shield, the Plazala medical disposable mask, is highly actionable to filter nearly 90 to 95 % contaminated air. In contrast, a typical surgical mask purifies only 10% to near 90%.

This improvised mask is super to tackle smog & health hazards of toxic air in any industrial area.

Finally, the Plazala surgical mask is accepted by health professionals to general people. It is certified by the Medical Device Regulation of the European Economic Area (EEA-2017) & US FDA (2009) recommended testing passed 0.1 µm(micrometer) latex sphere for filtering biological organism aerosol.

Strategy 3: Pros & Cons


  • Flexible elastic straps offer comfortable wearing
  • Heavy to block liquid droplets in the air
  • Available in 50 Pieces box
  • Very light & comfortable wearing
  • Free-breathing


  • In the case of an extreme environment, you need to wear more than one piece


It meets all potential standards & has credited one of the best selling face mask badges of Amazon.

4.   3M Safety N-95 8210 Plus

3M Safety 142-8210PLUS N95

When the vital question comes as a securely & properly fitted mask on the face while wearing in this COVID -19 Pandemic, then you cannot but like the design of N-95 8210 Plus by 3M.

According to the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEP) & American National Standards Institute (ANSI) –ANSI/ISEA 110, the global ISO recognized 3M manufacturer's N-95 mask is the best standard respirator. The latest model N-95 8210 is available in the market replacing benchmarks to prepare tested masks that you deserve.

Out of different brands & models of N-95 standard, this N-95 Plus is usable for a couple of times as filtered masks & escape hoods. This single piece of escape hood is light & half face mask-disposable.

Besides, these filter masks are in a replaceable cartridge which securely attached in it & multiple valves for inhalation & one for exhalation. Moreover, nose cushioning & adjustable nose clips let different face size's wearers' comfortable breathing.

Thus it amazingly protects or blocks more than 95 % health-hazardous droplets containing corona, flu, bacteria, or non-oil based particles in the surroundings contaminated environment.

This face shield is very durable & remains the same distort using from the very beginning. As it accurately embraces mouth & nose, there is zero probability of letting unwanted hazardous. And, you can use it in any dangerous working environment for full time without creating any risky diseases.

Finally, N-95 Plus is the CDC approved one of the topmost higher demand selling respirators for your ultimate hygiene.

Strategy 4: Pros & Cons


  • Excellently protects from fatal microbes, dust, or contaminated air
  • The US FDA labeled the N-95 surgical mask
  • It Comes in a 20 Pieces pack box
  • Tight-fitting offers higher safety protection than another model
  • This is a completely stylish & comfortable braided headband with molded attachment
  • Adjustable with multiple face sizes
  • Excellent breathability
  • The price is low. Near one piece is $1


  • It is unfit for the bearded face


In the present critical situation, whereas Novel CoronaVirus is a greater threat for human existence than N-95 standard NIOSH N& OSHA accepted 8210 Plus is undoubtedly the best pick.

Is Face Mask Perfect to Protect us from The New Coronavirus?

For your valuable information, I want to assure you that the US Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) , the Center for Devices & Radiological Health (CDRH) & live Science Journal highly recommend using N-95 standard Mask with other must follow safety instructions for the health workers & general people to save them when they close with the Corona Virus or COVID-19 infected patient or area.

According to CDC & Dr.William Schaffner, a viral disease expert at the Vanderbilt University, a typical surgical mask can never completely give a shield from the coronavirus or SARS –Cov -2 type virus whereas N-95 or equivalent standard respirator is safe in case of compulsory using.

Filtering Facepiece Respirator (FFR) or Face Mask is globally a well –known word for the ultimate safety of human safe living apparatus when every breathing comes as a dangerous life hazardous, even death.

During pandemic or emergencies like COVID-19 or Coronavirus, global health authorities recommend certain standards of respirators to protect from inhaling those killing viruses, flu, or particles in the surroundings.

The standard has different regional names but works for almost the same health certain populations as-N-95(US), FFP2(EU), KN95(China), or another equivalent measurement. The following Chart defines universal health compliance respirator standards.

Definition of Filter performance: The passing rate of specific aerosols through the filter.

Definition of Test agent: The aerosols which are used to filter performance tests.

Standard requirements of breathing resistance (Pressure drop) testing flow rate for inhalation ranges from 40 to 160 L/min & for exhalation covers from 30 to 95 L/min.

Out of the seven different types of particulate filtering facepiece respirators, N-95 is the most common & used respirator as it was earlier stated.

NIOSH approved & cleared from Food & Drug Administration (FDA) respirator -mostly N-95 standard respirator & some surgical N-95 respirators/masks are fully adjustable around the nose, cheeks & chin. And the wearers need not breathe around the edges of the respirator. Thus, it offers a heavy guard against the new novel coronavirus.

There are multiple ways to protect you from the CoronaVirus. Wearing Masks is just a simple instruction. You need to use gloves, washing hands frequently, stop traveling to the virus-infected zone, maintain social distance & further keep isolation-all are essential to protect you from the new coronavirus.

Finally, if you are suspicious about the FDA & NIOSH certification of any mask, you can quickly contact the FDA at 1-800-638-2041.


How long can we wear the same N-95 respirator?

A critical frequently asked question is the using durability of the N-95 respirator. According to NIOSH, it depends on breathing resistance, hygiene & damage & job-related risk of exposing respiratory virus or flu.

Final Verdict

Picking an accurate face mask offers you a safe living.

The US Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) highly recommends to use N95 Mask for the health worker & COVID-19 infected virus.