Top 3 Best Jon Boat Seat Clamps with a Swivel Mount

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To help you find the best Jon boat seat clamps with swivel mounts, I've put together this brief guide, which includes some product suggestions and videos based on your boat's set-up and design.

The first product I'd like to suggest is the one I use in my Jon boat, and it also has the top ratings on Amazon.

1: Attwood Corporation seat mount clamp-on with swivel review

The ratings for the Attwood seat mount on Amazon are excellent, making it the most highly rated alternative. For me it is the finest out there and works flawlessly on practically any size or configuration. And I can personally attest to that.

Attwood 15700-3 Seat Mount, Clamp-On With Swivel


You'll get the following:


  • Adjusts from 7 ½ inches to 18 inches

  • Black powder coated swivel

  • Fits most seat-bolt patterns

  • Simple to install and adjust

  • Very competitively priced

Individual review

To check out the Amazon reviews and see the price for yourself, visit It's not only me that advises and enjoys this alternative.

Currently, I'm utilizing my Attwood on a 14-foot aluminum boat. Installing it was a breeze, and the wing nuts allow for incremental tightening. As it will need to be tightened every few weeks, I won't have to bring any equipment with me when I tighten it while I'm out on the lake.

If you need to reposition your seat, it's a simple matter of removing it and reinstalling it. My reason for doing this is because there are times when I prefer to operate my Jon boat from the back seat.

No harm has been done to my body weight of 180 pounds and I can rotate and position myself effortlessly when fishing. People who weigh 270 pounds have written reviews on Amazon praising the clamp's swivel capabilities and praising it as such.

It isn't difficult to set up the software. It's all about rotating the swivel mount till you see a visible hole, inserting a screw and adjusting, and then aligning the following holes. Once you get the hang of it, it just takes a few minutes to understand everything.

Make sure you secure your seat to the clamp before attaching the clamp and mounting system. In this way, you will be able to access the screws for installing your bench more readily.

His aluminum Jon boat has an 18 12 inch bench with a swivel-mounted Jon boat seat clamp attached. I emailed him to find out what he thought, and this is what he said:

  • "If I had to write a review, I'd give it 4.5 stars out of 5 since it works okay. Hex Nyloc bolts instead of wing nuts were used to secure it to my 18 12 inch bench. In addition, I installed grip strips on the seat's borders to help me keep my balance."

The final verdict is that I'm a big fan of the Jon boat seat clamp.

It's solid, dependable, and does what it's supposed to.

2: SeaSense adjustable seat bracket 7-16-Inch with base review

I'd also suggest this SeaSense seat bracket as a backup option. It's a very close match to the Attwood, with the two things almost indistinguishable. I would, however, go with Attwood given of the company's reputation in the Jon boat market.

SeaSense CLAMP-ON SEAT Bracket

You'll get the following:


  • Perfect purchase for a gift

  • Great craftmanship

  • Stable and easy to install

Individual review 

Please visit Amazon to learn more about the product's price and to see what other customers have to say about it.

My disclosure here is that I do not own this item and have never seen it in person. However, based on the number of good ratings on Amazon, it seems to be the second most popular alternative.

Sample remarks include praise for the steel's longevity, the simplicity of adjustment, non-corrosion and rusting, as well as the easy installation time.

Only one really bad review was discovered at the time of this guide's publication from a retired engineer. His primary gripe was that the seat was prone to flipping over. It is possible that this is a one-off, considering that the vast majority of customers have nothing but praise for the product.

3: Wise 8WD14 Jon boat seat clamp with swivel mount review

The Wise Jon boat seat clamp and swivel kit is a last option. Only if you had a wider bench than the Attwood would I consider getting this. The Attwood can only go up to 18 inches broad.

Wise 8WD14 Boat Seat Clamp

You'll get the following:


  • Seat clamp System, includes swivel

  • Mounts on all flat surfaces

  • Adjusts 8 inch to 20 ½ inches for widest adjustment

  • Coated steel frame bars

  • Injection molded plastic brackets

Individual review

To check the reviews and comments, as well as how much it costs, please visit this link.

If you've ever seen it in action on a local river, you'll know that it's a great product.

To bring you up to speed, here are a few things to keep in mind before we get started:

The plastic bearings have come out of the plate, and the clamp has snapped on several times, according to some Amazon customers. That's only a tiny sampling of the reviews, but I couldn't leave you in the dark about these criticisms.

To be fair, it's a reasonable price, and those who have given it great ratings often praise its simplicity of installation and sturdiness. As a result, although the complaint of bearings falling loose is rare, it has occurred on a few instances.

You might also be interested in a seat bracket kit

In the event that you already possess or have purchased the Wise option indicated above and want to install it to a bench surface, the seat bracket kit below is a viable alternative.

Wise 8WD73 Sure Mount Seat Bracket Kit, 33″

On attach boat seats to bench surfaces, this is ideal. Just attach the seat to the bracket seat plate, which is 33 inches long in an L-shape design, with or without the actual swivel.

This allows your seat to move, allowing you to choose the perfect angle for fishing, hunting, or just relaxing on a boat.

The product has a three-year warranty, and costs can be seen here.

Wise Sure Mount Seat Bracket Kit

You'll get the following:


  • Strong Steel and plastic construction

  • Mounts on all flat surfaces with 90-degree angle

  • Accepts any brand swivel

  • Fits seat tanks up to 20 ½ inches wide

Individual review

Rather than utilizing Attwood, I don't possess any things made by Wise. Using the lips approach and bolt tightening, I was able to secure my bench in my Jon boat.

Current owners, on the other hand, have the following to say:

"It's a great bracket that allows me to move to the left or right." I used WD40 and some lubricant to smooth up the slide movement. Now that's working, I can slide to the right to operate the tiller steer outboard and then return to the center for fishing!"

Installing a Jon boat seat clamp with swivel mount

There are several methods to do this, and they will vary from boat to boat. As a result, I've compiled a few notes and videos that demonstrate some of the most popular ones.

Video #1: Attwood Jon boat seat clamp

The Attwood clamp and mount are unboxed in this video, which is the first I wanted you to see.

Because of this, it's my top recommendation, even if you can't watch it being installed and fitted.

Video #2: How to install a swivel plate and boat seat

You can clearly see that he's merely utilizing an existing wooden bench as an anchor point for the swivel plate. Jon boat seat clamps are being drilled into the bench, with enough room for the swivel to move easily.

It's possible that he might have utilized one of the Jon boat seat clamp with swivel mount alternatives I offer at the start of this instruction instead of tearing out the bench entirely.

Video #3: Attwood clamp on swivel seat review

The Attwood Jon boat seat clamp with swivel mount is evaluated in this video after a simple installation is shown in this video.

Using bolts to secure the lips and clamping mechanism, it easily slips on top of the current bench structure. See it in action on a 14-foot aluminum boat by clicking here.

Video #4: Portable clamp for Jon boat seat with lips

Despite the poor quality of this final video, the material is worth your time since you can see how this man attached a clamp to his Jon boat seat with lip attachment.

If nothing else, it'll provide you some further inspiration on how to create the ideal fishing, hunting, and relaxation setup.

What seats do I recommend?

There are no issues with any of the jon boat seat clamps I've mentioned above and the seats I've previously recommended. On the website, you can view 11 of the finest seats.

This collection includes camouflage variations, high backs, and low backs, all of which may be attached to the clamps indicated above through a simple snap. I also have a bench seat option, but it is not compatible with the seat clamps indicated above).

The last word…

Thanks for reading, and I wish you luck in your search for the greatest Jon boat seat clamp possible! (with swivel mount). However, it is important to understand that I only possess the Attwood product that I've described.

If you check the web reviews, you'll notice that the clamp is popular with others as well. In the United States and Canada, it's a popular choice.

Other useful instructions for Jon boat owners may be found on my website, including a comprehensive list of all the accessories I use and suggest.