Best Kayak for Bad Lower Back | Or You Can Buy Just A Seat for Bad Back

Your cheerful kayak vacation may turn into a nightmare if you feel a bad lower back during kayaking. Please inform me whether you are an already sufferer of bad lower back or kayaking with improper kayak, unsuitable seats, or back shield. These are all crucial factors when choosing your best kayak for the bad lower back.  

After reviewing the global kayak’s manufacturers’ latest convenient technological kayak design & forum from all corners of the earth, SOT or Sit-on-Top kayak or raised sit type model is considered as the fittest kayak for the physically limited person especially those who suffer from lower back illness.

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Top 3 Best Kayak for Bad Back: At A Glance

Best kayak for bad back Reviews

Sevylor Quikpak K1 Kayak

Sevylor is the most proper inflatable hull designed kayak. From design to stability, it allows secured & flexible kayaking with limited stress on the back. The material used in it is highly super strength, durable & kayaker’s friendly. If you don’t want to compromise your kayaking mania with your limited physical mobility, then this kayak is obviously for you.

There are two skegs which allow very effective stable moving against repeated kayak bobbling or weaving when paddling. And its maximum load capacity (400 Lbs) is excellent for a one-person kayak.  


  • Kayak’s length is 103 inches & wide 36 inches.
  • Two Skegs are available.
  • One paddle included.
  • Five individual separate compartments.
  • Two locks system valves.

Strategy 1: Pros & Cons


  • Very convenient to pump up
  • Less spending worth huge returns
  • Puncture protected by a tarpaulin
  • Excellent than any hard shell kayak
  • It is highly recommended for kayak beginners & physically limited persons
  • It's an excellent stable sit on top kayak, which allows quick in & out from the kayak
  • Heavy separated backrest air chamber allows you more rest & extra comfortable for the kayaker


  • The seat doesn’t work as a life vest
  • It is not recommended for serious or long time kayaking


If you have bad lower back and look for such a kayak that have minimum 400 pounds weight capacity, this is the best option for you.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Intex Explorer K2 is an incredibly sturdy inflatable kayak. The cockpit has been designed for ease & space. A very trusted brand, Intex offers its most sophisticated durable kayak. 


  • When inflated, the dimension goes as 123 inches (L) by 36 inches (Wide).
  • Max. The weight load is 400 LBS/181 kg.
  • Color is yellow & it is obvious from the shore.
  • The floor is fully rigid of I-beam.
  • Two paddles (2.18 meter each)

Strategy 2: Pros & Cons


  • The material is very tight PVC
  • Highly puncture resistant
  • Multiple chambers offer more stability & security
  • The removable sitting adjustable seats are very convenient
  • When deflating, it is small enough to fit in the trunk
  • The valves are heavy-duty for faster pumping
  • Maneuvering is very easy
  • The carry bag is heavy enough to fit the dissembled parts easily
  • Very reasonable price


  • Very light so a mid type wind may swing it


As this is the upgraded series of  Intex Challenger Kayak and have comfortable features with 400 pounds weight capacity for your lower bad back, you can buy this one without any doubt.

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

Intex Excursion Pro is a light weight and highly resistant kayak. So, this kayak is not damaged by rub, conflict and sunlight. High-pressure inflation increases the rigidity and durability of this kayak. Two individual removable skegs are available for shallow and deep water. Two adjustable bucket seats and two floor mounted footrests provide more comfort. Besides, two mobilized recessed fishing rod holders is another convenience for comfortable fishing. For additional gears, there has a removable and adjustable mounting bracket, such as fish finder, GPS system and swivel fishing rod holder etc. A repair patch and carry bag are included. Two storage space- bow & stern storage with D-rings to keep gears and essentials dry.


Length: 12feet & 7inch
Width: 3feet & 1inch
Weight: 39.01 pounds
Capacity: 400 Pounds
Type: Sit-on-top
Best Use : Fishing
Paddlers: Two
Material: Super tough laminate PVC with polyester core

Strategy 3: Pros & Cons


  • High stability due to super tough laminate PVC with laminated core
  • Inflatable seats, backrests is designing ergonomically and adjustable footrests provides more comfort
  • Two oars and hand pump comes with this kayak
  • Maneuverability is easy and fast on both shallow and deep water using 2 separate sized skegs
  • Removable bracket to hold gears
  • Paddles, pump and pressure gauge are included with gears
  • Very easy to carry with a simple bag


  • Not perfect for choppy water


If you suffer from bad back and look for such a kayak that is 400 weight capacity, you can choose this kayak
without any doubt.

Top 2 Best Kayak Seat for Bad Back 

  • Brooklyn Kayak seat
  • Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus seatback

Kayak seat is one of the most important factors before purchasing your final kayak decision. Based on sit in or sit on top kayak, a universal kayak seat has emerged in a couple of multiple designs. Best seat adjustments can easily release back pain & give comfort for the bad lower back.

Brooklyn Kayak seat

Brooklyn kayak is a very popular brand in the kayak industry. Its professional kayak seat is an excellent extra padded comfort to give you a different feeling for your bad back.


  • The vertical size is about 17 inches/ 0.45 meters.
  • The clips are fully anti-rust alloy
  • Multiple buckles & loops are available for any custom adjustability.
  • The seat pad is enough for extra padded; it's about one inch.
  • It’s a high kayak seat.

Pros & Cons


  • The material & clips are long-lasting
  • The ground & vertical sizes are standard to fit with any kayak
  • The four D-Rings are very flexible to attach with any extra foam pad
  • This is provided with a couple of straps that are very flexible to adjust your back until you feel ultimate comfort
  • Wonderful international rating- 9 out of 10


  • The seat pad is squeezable
  • The underneath of the seat is not skidded less


This kayak seat has been designed for those who are suffering from bad back. Then you should buy this seat right now.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus seatback

A worldwide accepted Ocean kayak company manufactures a comfortable seat that is the very lumbar spine or human back-friendly. As a high kayak seat or sit on top kayak seat, Ocean offers the best kayak for the bad lower back.


  • The base dimension:  12.6"H ×15.74" W & The vertical dimension: 18.5"H × 21.6" W.
  • Two straps are from the bow (front) & another two straps from the stern (back) available.
  • The weight of this seat is 2 Lbs/0.9 kg.
  • The seat is fully Ultraviolet resistant.
  • The clips are fully anti-rust & stainless steel.

Pros & Cons


  • Nicely adjustable
  • Excellent rating 9.2 out of 10
  • You can paddle easily from any position easily
  • Extra padding is comfortable for lumbar support & lump
  • The seat ventilation system offers maximum cooling & comfort
  • The four brass swivels are perfect for adjusting with any kind of kayak brand


  • The base pad is thin
  • Straps are nylon type instead of metal brass made


If you have trouble with bad back and so, you are not able to paddle easily from any position, bear in mind that this kayak seat is for you.

Use Best Back Support to Get Rid of Back Pain

  • Have you broken your back many years ago? 
  • Have you had operations for few times? 
  • Have you bought many back supports to get rid of back pain?

If the reply is "Yes" and you might tell that no good result and everything is useless. Right? No tension! This is BackShield Back Support that will be able to provide you real comfort. If you want to get real comfort & rid of back pain, you should read the following article...

BackShield Support for Back Pain Relief

Many of brands are thin and collapsed causes useless. This support is covered with softshell and very ridged that provide you comfortable sitting, where you thought that it would hurt your back like others back supports. We believe that your mistake will be broken soon after using it. Many patients in a medical program told, "This is the best back support I've used in my life".

You won't feel discomfort even after a long tour using this back support. Though it's little expensive, I hope that you will have bought more BackShield Supports for other family members of yours. Because you can't find such back support anywhere. If you get the benefit then the money is not a matter. Many people become surprised for this that the customer service of this company send them email to know that whether they are satisfied using this back support. We think that you will be glad as well to get such kind of email.

Our experts have researched with this product noticing that people are providing good support. Then our experts make a chart of "What I  Like and What I dislike". Read the chart below to know more>>>

Experts Opinion: Pros & Cons

What I like

  • It won't be bend and collapse
  • Prevents slumping to improve posing
  • It has been designed to support the spine's natural curve
  •  Prevents and relieves back  pain
  • It helps with decreasing pressure and strain on the shoulder, neck and lumbar territories
  • Superior materials have been used in this triple-layer construction to spread comfort throughout the back
  • The flexibility and ventilated system of it keeps you cool

What I dislike

  • A bit pricey
  • Sometimes it slides, so it has to be adjusted which takes a second


If you look for such a back support that is perfect for all vehicles, RV's, trucks and kayaks, you should buy it without a doubt.

Bad Lower Back Issue When Kayaking: Reason & Remedy

Bad lower back occurs for many reasons. Out of those factors, back injury/Spinal cord injury/surgery of herniated disc, etc. Your kayaking wish or enjoyment will vapor in a minute if your bad back response you highly to stop paddling.

Reasons for Bad Lower Back

There are many reasons why bad back happens. Out of those are:

  • Same posture for a long time.
  • Lack of comfortable paddling technique
  • Repetitive spine rotation
  • Proper maneuver while paddling
  • Improper stretching

The Remedy of Bad Lower Back

There are different Pelvis stretches  & body limb exercises to prevent & cure lower back pain. And the most important is the hamstrings exercises.

The stiffed hamstring is the main responsible for squeezing your mobility for curving & hoisting.

Backrest Factors

  • Not fully lean back seat. Touching with comfort.
  • Positioning 90-degree angle with lower back & buttocks keeping chest slightly forward.
  • Knees should have a twisting position to keep forward & back bending.

Comfortable Kayaking

  • Avoid traditional kayaking position.
  • Frequently switch position to release at a stretch the same angled of paddling.

While kayaking, backrest & footrest are important factors. Continuous paddling creates extra pressure against footrest, lumbar spine-the main factor of sitting straight.

A Proper Kayak Paddling Technique 

  • Efficient posture is a must to use your whole body efficiently.
  • Straightforward seated position, shoulder relaxing, chest broadening & not to lean against backrest are the prime factors while starting for happy kayaking.
  • Improper foot pegging is tiresome & not pleasant at all, so spreading foot with slightly bending eases you to paddle more efficiently. Getting good torso rotation by keeping legs together allows comfortable paddling.
  • It needs to ensure placing correct foot pegs so that you conveniently push against it.
  • Keeping arms straight & by rotating torso, you can easily paddle without burning extra power with less effort.
  • Adjust upper hand with the eye level & stroking the paddle from the vertical point.