5 Best Lightweight Canoe/Kayak Trailers of 2022

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So, you are looking for the best lightweight canoe trailers?

Two canoe trailer choices are available from SylvanSport, which make it simple to go on enjoyable paddling excursions. Canoes, kayaks, coolers, floatation devices and other outdoor adventure gear may all be transported on our two adventure trailers.

GO is a compact canoe trailer and pop-up camper that can be hauled by nearly any vehicle.

Go Easy is a lightweight canoe trailer that is so light that it can be transported by motorcycles.

5 best lightweight canoe trailers: At A Glance


GO is much more than just a canoe trailer. GO can be transformed into three distinct configurations:

  • Travel Mode: Transporting small boats and equipment requires a low-profile design like this one.
  • Transport Mode: Transport your canoe as well as all of your camping and canoeing equipment. GO can carry a canoe and a bike in Transport Mode.
  • Camping Mode: In less than 15 minutes, one person can convert the GO from a canoe carrier to a pop-up camper that sleeps four people. After a long day of paddling, GO's warm camper will provide you with a restful night's sleep.
SylvanSport Go-Easy Ultimate Boating Trailer

SylvanSport Go-Easy Ultimate Boating Trailer Package, 75L, SylvanGreen

GO will keep your canoe and belongings safe and secure, including all paddles, dry bags, and life jackets. It also has a few more useful features for canoe owners:

  • No more struggle to raise a large boat over your head onto the roof rack of your vehicle. The rack system on the GO may be loaded at chest height.
  • Most major rack manufacturers, including Thule, Yakima, and Malone, are compatible with GO.
  • Long canoes are not an issue! The optional Tongue Extension Kit adds 30 inches to the length of your GO, enabling you to tow large canoes and sea kayaks.
  • Versatile and roomy! Bring all of your multi-sport equipment so you don't have to pick between your canoe, bikes, kayaks, and other toys.
  • Because GO is so light, it can be towed by most passenger vehicles, even tiny automobiles. There is no need for a large vehicle to pull a GO, therefore you will save money on petrol.

Go easy is an ultralight boat trailer for full sized canoes

Go Easy was built with boaters in mind and is easy to use. GO Easy can be backed into the water to make canoe unloading a breeze. There are two variants of this trailer option:

  • Essential: The GO Easy Essential is a "roof rack on wheels" that makes it simple towing a canoe behind it. For ease of use, it has a low 30 lb. tongue weight and an ergonomically designed body. Towing is a breeze! There is no need for any additional hardware, since GO Easy has an integrated flat 4-wire electrical system.
  • Ultimate: A weather-resistant storage pod that can accommodate up to six cubic feet of goods, an aluminum diamond-plate deck, a tailgate net, and other optional amenities for boaters are included in the GO Easy Ultimate.

Canoes, paddles, PFDs, coolers, and other gear may all be transported in both GO Easy models.


Canoeists and other boaters can get GO Easy as part of a special Boating Package. The following attributes are included in this bundle:

  • Towing a long boat behind your vehicle with a 75" tongue is possible.
  • 6.2 cu. ft. watertight and lockable storage pod.
  • Torsion axle with 800 lb. capacity for smooth, quiet ride.
  • CrossRoad 450 rack system with 78-inch bars from Thule

SylvanSport manufactures high-quality, long-lasting canoeing gear that is built to last. Make a decision on your boating trip package, pack up your canoe, and go out on the water.

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