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There are more than a few people interested in solo canoes these days. And with interest, comes options. Fortunately, your loyal comrades have been submitting solo canoe reviews for longer than you've known they existed! So here are the short lists of the best solo canoes broken up by length.

  • Best Solo Canoes Under 15ft
  • Solo Canoes Over 14ft

To view all solo canoes, check out the full solo canoe buyers guide.

Interested in Best Solo Canoes Under 15 Feet?

Smaller solo canoes, such as those under 15 feet long, will provide you with the most maneuverability. These are the lengths you should aim for if you want to emphasize turning over tracking.

1. Baboosic Solo Canoe (Merrimack Canoe Company)
2. Fox 14 Solo Canoe (Company: Nova Craft Canoe)
3. Trapper Solo Canoe (Company: Nova Craft Canoe)
4. Kestrel Solo Canoe (Falcon Series) (Company: Hemlock Canoe Works)
5. Adirondack Solo Canoe (Company: Esquif Canoes)
6. Oseetah Solo Canoe (Company: Placid Boatworks)
7. Detonator Solo Canoe (Company: Esquif Canoes)
8. Supernova Solo Canoe (Company: Nova Craft Canoe)
9. Echo Solo Canoe (Company: Esquif Canoes)
10 SpitFire Solo Canoe (Company: Placid Boatworks)

Interested for Best Solo Canoes Over 14 Feet

Your canoe darts of choice will be solo boats longer than 14 feet. You've arrived to the correct spot if you're looking for tracking and speed when running long, straight stretches.

1. Eaglet III Solo Canoe (Company: Hemlock Canoe Works)
2. Shadow Solo Canoe (Company: Placid Boatworks)
3. Peregrine Solo Canoe (Falcon Series) (Company: Hemlock Canoe Works)
4. SRT Solo Canoe (Company: Hemlock Canoe Works)
5. RapidFire Solo Canoe (Company: Placid Boatworks)
6. Magic Solo Canoe (Company: Northstar Canoes)
7. Wilderness Solo Canoe (Company: Wenonah Canoe, Inc.)
8. Kahele Solo Canoe (Company: Puakea Designs)
9. 1850C Solo Canoe (Company: Grumman Canoes)
10. Voyager Solo Canoe (Company: Wenonah Canoe, Inc.)

Canoes don't have to be tandem to go on a trip together. As a matter of fact, paddling alone in a canoe or kayak may be a superior option to more conventional modes of transportation. Due to this canoe's stability and storage capacity, it's perfect for solitary canoeists who want to go out into the backcountry, fish, and explore on their own. Instead of dragging or shouldering a second boat for half a mile, just lift it and paddle your single canoe!

Important Tips for Buying a Solo Canoe

If you're looking for a solo canoe, you should be aware of a few key features. There isn't a foolproof formula; it all comes down to your own performance and adaptability requirements.

  • A symmetrical boat is preferred by the majority of solo canoeists. Symmetrical refers to the fact that the front and rear of the object have the same form. It's a solitary canoe technique to paddle backwards while sitting on the bow seat. This has the benefit of putting your weight closer to the center of the canoe since you are sitting in the bow seat. You'll have much greater control now, particularly if you're utilizing long sweeps.

  • Rounded chines and many tumblehomes characterize traditional solo canoes. It doesn't imply you have to follow the rules, but knowing them is useful as a starting point.

  • Keep an eye on the maximum allowed weight. Do you intend to paddle alone or in a tandem boat? Are you planning on going on any kind of expedition? If this is the case, how much weight should be allocated to equipment?

  • With a solitary canoe, length is critical at all times. Longer is better for tracking alignment, but at the expense of some agility. Canoes that are shorter will have an easier time turning and balancing. Selecting the right length depends on your own style.

  • You may either utilize a conventional canoe paddle or a double-bladed kayak paddle for your propulsion system.. People may use either depending on where they sit.

  • You have a few choices for how you want to sit in a solo canoe. If the circumstances and your goals permit, you may rest while paddling while sitting on the seat. However, if the weather is bad or windy, you'll have more control if you're kneeling. Those of us who aren't young at heart will appreciate the fact that you don't have to remain on your knees the whole time.

Solo Canoe Reviews

You should also go through the numerous solo canoe reviews that have been posted over the years in addition to the advice listed above to be sure you have everything you need. As a result, you'll have a better understanding of the most well-known and enduring solo canoe models, as well as the handling, tracking, and turning characteristics of various canoe kinds. We usually suggest going out and testing things before you purchase if you can. Make use of a paddling companion or inquire with your local dealer about demo boats.

See the full range of goods from all the major solo canoe manufacturers below, or look through all the models and comparisons available above.

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