Top 5 Best Square Stern Canoe for Fishing in 2022

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Are you considering installing a motor on your canoe? If you're a fan of fishing, this may be a great addition to your gear. In addition, you may move your rod around with ease, all while maintaining control of your hand grip. However, there's a hitch. Trolling motors are often installed on flat surfaces. This is the most common configuration. And a conventional canoe (does not have its bow or stern) won't be able to handle it. As a result, a boat and a ransom are needed. The best square stern canoe is here.

Top 5 Square Stern Canoe for Fishing

On your behalf, we've procured a top 5 square stern canoe to aid in your explorations. So, enjoy your journey with us and choose the best one.

Mackinaw Square Stern 15.5 ft. Canoe

This canoe is manufactured by a well-known company

My impression:

  • First and foremost, let's speak about how this design was created.
    This boat has a slick design that makes it seem classy. It's built to withstand heavy use.

Move on to the technical details.

  • It's a whopping 191 pounds.

Why should you use Mackinaw Square Stern 15.5 ft? Canoe?

  • It has a stunning appearance that draws a lot of attention.
  • It has a gorgeous color.

Things we do like:

  • Elegant design.
  • Simple to navigate.
  • Huge storage areas.
  • Relatively affordable.


This canoe is primarily intended for recreational use.

SUN DOLPHIN Mackinaw SS 15.6-Foot Canoe

Using this canoe is a pleasure since it is so user-friendly

My impression:

  • Let's start with its seat first. This canoe's seat has a built-in cooler and storage space.
  • Now let's move on to the fact that it can be paddled and also utilized with an electric trolling motor. The choice is yours, so go for it.
  • Rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex polyethylene hulls may be utilized with it.

Why should you use SUN DOLPHIN Mackinaw SS 15.6-Foot Canoe?

  • This canoe's craftsmanship and design are outstanding.

Things we do like:

  • The design is excellent..
  • It seats three people.
  • Recreational usage is permitted.
  • The offer includes fishing rod holders.
  • It comes with a two-year parts and hulls guarantee.


It's a high-quality item that'll serve you properly.

Sun Dolphin Scout SS Canoe

This 14-feet square stern canoe features a built-in engine transom for leverage

My Impression:

  • Let's start with a discussion of this canoe's build quality.
  • High-density polyethylene is used in the construction of this canoe's hull.
  • In addition, this canoe is very stable and quick, making it a pleasure to paddle.

Move on to the seat feature

  • This canoe has a comfortable molded-in seat that helps with flotation.

Move on to the capacity

  • Three persons can fit in this canoe.
  • The canoe weighs around 84 pounds.
  • Furthermore, the canoe's dimensions are 168 x 38 x 15.6 inches.

Why you should use Sun Dolphin Scout SS Canoe?

  • With a trolling motor attached, this canoe stands out above the others. With this canoe, you can also experiment with a variety of paddling techniques.

Things we like most:

  • Certified by the European Organization for Standardization (CE).
  • Exceptionally well-executed concept.
  • The transom has a sturdy, square back.
  • Exceptional tracking and stability.
  • There are six pre-installed places for rod holders.


If you're in need of an all-purpose canoe, look no further than this one.

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery Sport 15 Square Stern Recreational Canoe, Red

This canoe is a godsend for everyone who enjoys the great outdoors

My impression:

  • To begin, let's discuss seating. Three nylon web seats are included in the package. They are very long-lasting.
  • Additionally, this canoe is constructed of three layers of polyethylene.
  • Aside from that, it has full-length stabilizers as well as a wide beam.

Now let’s talk about the technical part

  • The length of this canoe is 15’3″
  • The width is 40″ width at 4″
  • The waterline is 39.5″
  • Bow height is 25.5″
  • The Depth is 15″
  • The weight is around 113 lbs.
  • The dimension of the product is 183 x 40 x 25.5 inches. 

Move on to the capacity part

  • The U.S. Coast Guard limits the maximum weight of this canoe at 850 pounds, even though the manufacturer lists a load capacity of 1650-1700 pounds.

Why should you use Discovery Sport 15 Square Stern Recreational Canoe?

  • The canoe's three nylon web seats are the most eye-catching feature. It's a dream to sit in one of them.
  • Comfortable carrying handles are also included.

Things we like most –

  • Those chairs are wonderful.
  • It's simple to maneuver.
  • It has black vinyl gunwales that are long-lasting.
  • The package also includes a lock sit and an oar socket.
  • The square stern can hold up to Four-Horsepower motor.


Take your family out on the water with this canoe. I suggest you to use it for recreational purposes. 

Old Town Discovery Sport 15 Square-Stern Recreational Canoe, Camo, 15 Feet 3 inches

Using this recreational canoe is a great way to combine speed, stability, and capacity

My impression:

  • Let's start with the Canoe seats first. Seats on this canoe are made of nylon-webbed nylon that is breathable, UV-resistant, and sturdy. All day long, the air was able to circulate freely.
  • Vinyl gunwales and easy-to-carry handles complete the three-layer polyethylene canoe structure.

Now let’s talk about its capacity

  • While paddling, this canoe can hold up to 3 persons and 1650 pounds. With a motor, the boat can hold up to 800 pounds or 4 persons.

Now let’s talk about the technical part.

  • This canoe is about 15 feet 3 inches long.
  • It is around 113 pounds in weight.
  • This canoe isn't exactly light.

Why you should use the old Town Discovery 15 square-stern recreational Canoe?

  • This canoe has full-length stabilizing chines and a broad beam, which makes it unique.
  • For a dry and confident riding, it's the best choice.

Things we like most :

  • This canoe has a good amount of sturdiness.
  • You can experiment with a wide range of paddling techniques.
  • To carry, the handles are easy to grip.
  • Whether you're paddling a lake or river, you can utilize this canoe.
  • There is a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • A 4-horsepower motor can be used to propel it, although it can also be paddled.


The carrying capacity of this sturdy canoe is impressive. The canoe's three wobbly seats are its most impressive feature. My recommendation is that you should use this canoe for recreational pursuits.

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FAQs About Square Stern Canoe

Q. What is square stern Canoe?

A. The back of the boat is referred to as the stern. One end of the square stern canoe is lopped off. They allow canoes to be equipped with a trolling motor.

Q. How to pick up a stern canoe?

A. Hull material: Wood, aluminum, or composite materials can be used to build a canoe. For millennia, boats have been constructed from wood. Woods are long-lasting, hefty, and simple to repair, making them ideal for construction. Wood, on the other hand, isn't as long-lasting as other materials. However, the canoe retains a sense of heritage because to the use of wood. The wooden boats are quite hefty. If this is the case, you may need a helping hand. A canoe may also be constructed from aluminum. It's a long-lasting product. Aluminum is a great choice if you need to put a big engine with a lot of thrust. Polyethylene is the next choice for the canoe's hull material. Additionally, this material is very light-weight, durable, and resistant to cracks. It is the cheapest choice. If it does break, there is no way to fix it. Fiberglass and Kevlar are other composites that may be used in place of polyethylene. They are both quite light.

Hull design: The size of the canoe's hull is one of the most important considerations when buying a canoe. A canoe or boat's length and capacity must be taken into consideration. It's common for a longer canoe to have more room for accessories. In order to carry all of your things, you will need a bag that is a bit larger in size.

Stability: In the context of canoeing, the term "stability" relates to how easy it is to paddle. Is it, for example, simple to get around? Is the hull tilted toward the water's surface? Assembling and installing an electric motor: Installing a motor is the only purpose of purchasing a square stern canoe. As a result, this is the most important issue to pay attention to. Adding a motor is simple, since most of the canoes have enough room. As a result, you shouldn't stress about it at all. As a result, taking into account the impact of thrust will be beneficial. If you have more than 50 lb of push, plastic canoes aren't the best choice. There's a chance it'll be damaged if the load exceeds that limit. The canoe, on the other hand, does not benefit from a large engine.

Q. What are the safety tips for Canoeing?

A. When it comes to buying a canoe, it's rare to find information on the safety of you and those on board. We're baffled as to why so many other sites don't speak about safety.

However, here are some hints from us: You must always paddle with your hands while canoeing! Sinking in a canoe is a sure thing if you lose your paddle a few kilometres off the shore. Especially if you are an expert swimmer, do not get into the ocean before a hurricane or tempest, even if you are wearing a life jacket. As a result, you might wind up with painful blisters and a dry, watery eyeball from rubbing your eyes against the sun, waves, or salt.

In the case of a lake or river, the same rules apply. If you're going out in a canoe with children or teenagers, make sure you have plenty of water and wear a life jacket. If you're not an experienced canoeist, stick to the shoreline so that the Coast Guard or nearby boats can find you more quickly. Keep a whistle on your canoe so that you can make yourself heard if you get into trouble.

There are a plethora of restrictions governing how and when to utilize it. Having a whistle can help you locate yourself in the event of a shipwreck, regardless of whether or not you follow these regulations. When we speak about whistles, it is assumed that they are professional whistles rather than two-meter-long toys. Lastly, take sure to clean the canoe after each voyage to remove any traces of salt from the boat. If you're using a rigid canoe or an inflatable kayak, a dirty canoe or kayak will be difficult to operate and more likely to puncture, respectively.

The advice given here may not be useful if you've ever had the opportunity to go out. However, if this is your first time canoeing, these items will be priceless.

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