World Best Expedition/Tripping Canoes in 2022

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Are you on the lookout for the best expedition / tripping canoes on the market? KayaksZone has prepared a list of the top canoes for long-distance trips and expeditions. This information is updated on a regular basis.

Recent World-Class Best Expedition/Tripping Canoe Reviews

1. Bell Canoe Northwoods Canoe

It's a fantastic canoe for paddling, with a small tumble-home and rocker that makes it simple to maneuver. I've done a lot of paddling, but nothing compares to what I've seen so far. It was suggested to me by Bob Cary in the early 2000s. Ely, Minn.-based Puragis Outfitters sold me a used one, and I've been using it since since. There are no wind vane or oil cans like the old Royalex Old Town Tripper that I used to possess for decades, even though it is 18.5 feet long.


Weight47-51 pounds
Length18 feet, 6 inches
Max width36 inches
Optimum load400-700 pounds

Not Available

2. Old Town Tripper 172 Canoe

This excellent canoe makes a long-distance sailor's raft for hauling hefty goods. Throughout the Rocky Mountains, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and the Quetico and Boundary Waters Canoe Areas I paddled an Old Town Tripper for nearly 20 years. Several times I've bent it in half and twisted it 90 degrees while paddling through Class 4 and Class 5 whitewater, and each times I've survived.


Weight80 pounds
Length17 feet, 2 inches
Max width37 inches
Optimum load1,550 pounds

3. Old Town Penobscot 174 Canoe

One of the best canoes on the market as it's a sturdy, rugged, and versatile canoe. "Expedition" canoes are often compared to brick houses, and this one is no exception! It has become an integral part of my identity to paddle this canoe. The canoe we've been using for wilderness trips for the last 15 years has served us well. Throughout the Mississippi and its main tributaries, along the beaches of Lake Michigan and Superior, and in the saline waters of Washington's Pudget Sound, we've taken her out for a paddle.


Weight83 pounds
Length17 feet, 4 inches
Max width36 inches
Optimum load1500 pounds

4. Esquif Canyon Canoe

An Esquif Canyon tank is also a ballerina. A lot of stuff can be carried in this boat, and it handles well in both rapids and calm water. Playing alone on a peaceful evening is also a pleasure. The Canyon is a serious tripping canoe for two people who want to go on long trips. Using Canyon as a training canoe, as well as a canoe for long river and lake excursions, is something I would suggest to clubs. Despite its agility, it may be used in winding streams. 62 and 69-year-old men were taken down the Snake and Peel rivers in Yukon, Canada, via Esquif Canyon.


Weight34 pounds
Length16 feet, 5 inches
Max width35 inches
Optimum load455 pounds

5. Hemlock Eagle Canoe

It's possible that the Eagle, a high-quality tandem canoe with moderate rocker and a low weight, is precisely what you're searching for! For tiny paddlers, one benefit is the short gunnel width at the bow paddling station, which makes it a decent choice for them. Background Since 1978, Dave Curtis has been constructing boats in his spare time. His initial design was for a single-person watercraft. He desired a solo tripping canoe that would be able to go with tandems on isolated river and lake outings, as well as on longer voyages. Harold Deal, a great paddler, drew the first ideas for the artist.


Weight49-55 pounds
Length16 feet, 5 inches
Max width35.25 inches
Optimum load900 pounds

Not Available

6. Nova Craft Prospector 16 Canoe

This is the ultimate off-road vehicle because to its sturdy construction and timeless styling. It's a great companion on every journey. Going on weeklong lake cruises and river expeditions with my 16' Novacraft Prospector boat When fully loaded, the freeboard was still 6 inches. You'll gain weight before you lose it, so pack a lot of heavy gear like cast iron dutch ovens, charcoal, fuel cans, and water cubes. Despite the Clippers passing us on flat water, it works nicely with two people. Because they are taking in water over the gunnels, we pass them ashore in choppy seas.


Weight48-74 pounds
Length16 feet
Max width36 inches
Optimum load1000 pounds

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