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Are you thinking to buy a Heron Canoe or, 17 Wenonah Canoe? And you are confused about which one will be best for you? So, I suggest that you should read this entire article about "Heron Canoe Vs 17 Wenonah Canoe" as if you can take the right decision...

Description: Heron Canoe Vs 17 Wenonah Canoe Reviews

17 Wenonah Canoe

The original 17 Wenonah, from whence it all began. Mike Cichanowski, the company's creator and owner, created an immediate classic in his parents' backyard shed in 1965 using wood strip and fiberglass. The 17 Wenonah, available in cutting-edge composite materials and layups, has a design that harkens back to classic wooden hulls from the turn of the twentieth century. The 17 Wenonah is a must-have for serious canoeists since it's excellent for general usage, canoe camping, and family boating.

Heron Canoe

Some canoes have a lot to deal with in life, such as having to be ready for everything. The Heron is a versatile tandem canoe that's easy to paddle and store. In terms of tandem canoe size, it's the smallest in the General Touring line. Beginners will enjoy its steadiness, while seasoned paddlers will value its efficiency. She's a great day boat for lake excursions, but she also excels on smaller rivers and streams because to her compact size. Keep one at the cabin for the kids, or take a leisurely float trip down your favorite trout stream in it. Keep one on hand.

Specification: Heron Canoe Vs 17 Wenonah Canoe

Specs: 17 Wenonah Canoe

Length: 17 ft.
Width: 37 inch
Weight: 44-60 lbs.

Specs: Heron Canoe

Length: 15 ft.
Width: 36 inch
Weight: 36-50 lbs.

17 Wenonah Options Vs. Heron Options

17 Wenonah Canoe Options

  • Tuf-Weave Flex-Core (60 lb)
  • Flex-Core w/Kevlar (55lb)
  • Ultra-light w/Kevlar (44lb)

Heron Canoe Options

  • Tuf-weave Flex-core (55lb)
  • Flex-Core w/Kevlar (46 lb)
  • Ultra-light w/Kevlar (36 lb)
  • AI Ultra-light (41 lb)

Wenonah canoe review

With many lengthy portages in the backcountry, the weight of a canoe becomes critical. It's not uncommon to paddle across a dozen lakes and do at least as many portages in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area on a single trip. The lengths covered by the portages range from a few hundred feet to a mile.

For multi-day excursions, choose from various versions of Wenonah's Spirit II all-purpose canoe. The Kevlar variant costs $2,099 and weighs just 42 pounds; the basic model costs only $1,199 and weights 68 pounds of plastic called Royalex. They're both canoes; the only difference is the materials they're constructed of.

Wenonah canoe review

I put Kevlar and Royalex to the test on the Mississippi River to determine whether the $900 difference in weight was worth it.

On the sea, the two boats behave almost identically. They spin and track nicely, and paddling them is a pleasure. The stiff Kevlar type will seem more responsive to experienced canoeists, while the heavy Royalex boat may feel more steady to novices. In addition, the Royalex model will last longer and be more suitable for river navigation where you may run across a few rocks.

Wenonah canoe reviews

The Kevlar boat is much more maneuverable while on land, as one would anticipate. Even on small portages, the 42-pound canoe seemed much lighter than the 68-pound model. The Kevlar variant costs approximately $35 per pound saved, but it's well worth it for anybody who plans on carrying a canoe on land often.

Wenonah offers two more Spirit II variants besides the one I tested: It weighs 54 pounds and costs $1,699 for the Kevlar Flex-core variant, while the Tuf-weave Flex-core model costs 63 pounds and costs $1,299.

Whether it's cost, weight, or durability, every material has advantages and drawbacks. There are a number of different material combinations available for Wenonah canoes, as well as canoes from other manufacturers, so the customer may select the ideal boat for their needs.

HERON - Hunting & Fishing

Heron Review

The Heron is a versatile canoe that works well for both fishing and hunting. It's small, light, sturdy, and silent, yet it can carry a lot of weight. A motor isn't necessary because of its design. When it comes to versatility, the Heron stands head and shoulders above the competition. The Heron's foam core hull keeps you warm in chilly water while also allowing you to go quietly to your favorite spots on lakes and rivers.

Heron Reviews

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Q. Are Wenonah Canoes worth the money?

A. Kevlar canoes cost $35 for each pound decreased, but they're worth it if you'll be hauling your canoe on land a lot.

Q. Is the 17 Wenonah canoe a good Canoe?

A. The 17 Wenonah is a must-have for any serious canoeist looking for a versatile boat for general usage, canoe camping, and family outings. It is possible to choose from a variety of external gel-coat colors for Flex-core hulls. The natural color of the fabric can be seen in the hull's inside.

Q. Can a heron canoe be used in wind?

A. Because of its low profile (just 13 inches at the center and 18 inches at the bow), the Heron is less affected by wind than other, broader, shorter canoes. For a tiny canoe, its primary and secondary stability are excellent.

Q. Which is a better canoe Wenonah or Quetico?

A. The Quetico 17 has a slightly higher seat height and a more buoyant design, making it a more enjoyable boat to paddle in choppy waters than any Wenonah.

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