Jon Boat Seat Mount Ideas That You Can Easily Implement

If you’re seeking suggestions on how to install a Jon boat seat, I recommend checking out my three best clamping choices. In that guide, I examine the most effective and reasonably priced off-the-shelf options available right now.

Although they are inexpensive, this does not imply they are weak or unreliable. It takes only a few minutes to put them in place, and they can be adapted to almost any Jon boat seating arrangement and configuration.

However, if you’re looking for DIY videos, photographs, and ideas, I’ve put together a list of some of the best resources I’ve come across online.


1: DIY swivel plates idea

Found on a forum this week, but originally posted in 2009, this is one of the best DIY Jon boat seating ideas I’ve ever seen. That so, it’s still an excellent strategy for maximizing the seating capacity of your benches.

To view, spherical holes were drilled and threaded as you can see in the image To make the seats swivel, Delrin plates were utilized, and the seats were mounted to the top. This is a nice hack, however unfortunately you can’t slide left or right.

2: Beautifully fitted pedestal idea

This is the most creative use of a pedestal I’ve yet seen for mounting seats in a Jon boat. Take a look at it, along with a statement from the creator, Just have a look at it here.

In terms of the pedestals, there are just four holes for installation. You may see mine by clicking the link below. There are a total of six holes on this course. I also drilled a tiny hole in the bench seat’s side (to match the one in the bow bench) so that I could reach the bolts for the pedestal’s pedestal and put nuts on them. Only a little amount of foam has to be sanded off. I used the same “edge guard” that I used on the bow seat hole to complete the hole.”

Want to buy this pedestal?

A Wise adjustable pedestal with a slide seems to have been utilized in the illustration above. If you’re interested in learning more about how other people have used the Jon boat seat mount, you can do a quick price check on Amazon or just click on the following product picture.

3: The classic seat clamp idea

And of course, there’s the old-fashioned method of just purchasing a clamping system (See which I suggest). With a good kit like Attwood or Alumacraft, you’ll have no issues whatsoever with your build. 

4: Pedestal swivel seat idea

Take a look at this shot of a vehicle pulling a Jon boat. As you can see, this Jon boat owner installed pedestal seats for elevated fishing and viewing experience.

On the site I discovered it, a user mentioned that he had constructed the floor up to place the seat and pedestal, which makes me doubt its stability. The DIY fishing rod holders are also quite appealing to me.

5: Another pedestal seating idea

There was also a Jon boat owner who came up with the brilliant idea of creating his own DIY pedestals. Here’s a look at the boat: it’s a 10-foot Jon boat.

6: Removable swivel base video idea

Instead of trying to fix the problem himself, the man in this video chooses to purchase the correct goods (These products can be found here). A pin and a base are inserted into the boat, which is then drilled into. All of it is then clamped into place with the help of something that seems to be a Wise camo seat (see what I suggest).

7: Jon boat seat installation idea video

In this video, the men take additional precautions to ensure that the bolts will not come loose, which I appreciate. This man seems to have a perfect solution to the issue of bolts loosening and ripping aluminum in Jon boats.
The background music in this video lesson is distracting and makes it difficult to follow up with the instructions. The best way to learn about it is to witness it in action. Take a peek down here.

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8: Seat mount and carpet installation idea

A whole series of videos detailing the man’s suggestions for modifications can be seen here. So get a cup of coffee, relax, and watch how he does everything in detail. Make sure you watch all the videos on this guy’s YouTube account!

9: Installing seats in a Jon boat on DIY mount platform

With crystal-clear audio and a beautiful video, this tutorial will teach you how to create a stable platform and install it on your boat. Yes, it’s worth seeing.

Final Verdict

You’ll need a few things, including time and money, to complete this project. In addition, you want to ensure that your project does not lead to any problems with stability in your Jon boat. In contrast, all of the items I propose on this page and in my guide to seat clamps are top-notch and made to last. Check out these resources and best of luck with your endeavor.

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