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If you are an adrenaline junkie, an action sports fan, or simply an outdoor lover, there’s nothing as attractive as hitting the open waters on your kayak. Coming face to face with the bone-crushing currents, the mammoth rocks, & raging rapids provides a challenge that is not equaled to any sport. Experiencing and battling the waters for an afternoon while marveling in the beauty of nature makes for a rewarding day. Kayaking is especially fun during the summer, when the sun is perfectly shining, making the water the best place you could be. Not to mention another thing that If you are habitual to pursue obscure waters for your next kayak adventure, keep in mind, a kayak GPS watch is an essential thing for your safety and vital navigation as well.

Kayaking Near Me

Many attractive kayaking spots are available in the United States of America. But the most attractive kayaking spots are Georgia, Colorado, Nevada, Florida in the country. Now you think that which kayaking destination is situated near you. We have come to describe in this article about these attractive spots step by step as if you can get a full idea that will help you to make the right decision.

1). Kayaking Destinations in Georgia

The state of Georgia is a holy grail for anyone who wants to escape the noise of the city & hit the winding creeks and rivers of the back-woods. Solitude, if that is your style, a workout & trips you will never forget lie just a few minutes away if you are willing to drive down South.

  • The Alapaha River

For a truly dedicated outdoor lover, the Alapaha River offers you a solid 11.4 miles of kayaking paradise from Statenville until the end of the Alapaha Conservation Area. The kayaking adventure from start to finish normally takes about 4 hours for a well-trained kayaker. So if you are planning for such an adventure, be prepared to paddle the day away.

  • The Chattahoochee

The Georgia River is a 430-mile long river that flows from the springs of Jacks Knob at the Blue-Ridge Mountains straight to the Gulf. The river provides awesome river rats of all sorts from the calm & chilly waters near the Atlanta area & surrounding counties to class V rapids at Columbus near the Alabama border. Apart from a solo flow, there are many adventure companies that are willing to guide you down the Goliath River.

  • The Borrel Creek

For a fulfilling adventure to the outer edge, Borrel Creek is the perfect place, it is situated at St. Mary’s & offers 5.9 miles of adventurous kayaking. Start from a drop-off point at Highway-40 & kayak down towards the border paddling eastward towards the end of Highway-40 for an awesome adventure through the scenic environment.

  • Fort Yargo Park

Conveniently found in between Athens and Atlanta, this is for the soul that needs a pleasant spot to kayak not too far off the city. The huge 260-acre lake is a prime spot to kayak, just for the pleasure of it.

  • Chattooga River

This is considered amongst the best place to visit for any level of kayaking. The river is among the few rivers not obstructed by any manmade objects. Beginners can ride the Class I to II rapids around Earl’s Ford while kayaking veterans can battle the IV rapids at Bull Sluice. The river offers miles of scenery more than any river lover could think of.

  • Savannah River

The Savannah River is one of the most attractive & major rivers in Georgia. This River defines most of the border between Georgia and South Carolina by this longest and largest waterways. The Savannah River is around 301 miles (484 km) long. Every day many visitors who are explorers visit this river to feel and realize the charming scenery. If you want to enjoy the rapid waters along with your family members, the Savannah River might be an excellent option for you. You will be very glad to know that you can paddle toward the Atlantic Coast from this river. You will acquire fearsome experience and watch marvelous scenery around you while paddling towards Atlantic Coast.

Remember, no mistake to take a good idea about Savannah Rapids Kayak Rental, rate & services before visiting that place as if won’t fall into a troublesome.

2). Kayaking Destinations in Colorado

Kayakers within the nation love Colorado. The unprecedented whitewater, gorgeous surroundings & conducive environment give the perfect escape to adventure for both beginners and professionals alike. With a large abundance of lakes, rivers, and outfitters, Colorado is blessed with everything required to get kayaking & find thrilling adventure. Keep in mind that If you are very fat & tall, you should choose one of the best whitewater kayaks for big guys before starting your kayaking here.

  • The Browns Canyon

Sourcing its waters from the Arkansas River, Browns Canyon gives some awesome white-water kayaking experiences within Colorado. It is considered among the most popular whitewater kayaking destination in the country. Browns Canyon offers an exciting kayaking experience where you are surrounded by wildlife and an abundance of wild scenery.

  • The Lake Estes

The Estes Valley is an ideal location if you want to experience some stunning scenery while kayaking. The Rocky Mountains provide a wild backdrop that is jaw-dropping. The lake offers a 185-acres kayaking paradise that is rocked with calm waters which are perfect for a relaxing kayaking adventure. It is also an awesome location for wildlife lovers. You can have a sighting of elks drinking at the shores.

  • The Confluence Park

Downtown Denver, there is an awesome location for white-water kayaking at the Confluence Park. This is a man-made white-water run that has Class III rapids & is very popular with kayakers. It stretches for about a mile at the South-Platte River.

  • The Lake Dillon

Situated a few miles northward of Breckenridge ski resort, is Lake Dillon. It is surrounded by wild and mountainous sceneries, where one can kayak through miles and miles of freshwater. You can explore its shores & islands or fish your day away. Launch your kayak at either the Dillon Marina or the Frisco Marina. There are also various places along its shores where people can stop for some exploring.

  • The Rio Grande

Considered among the most famous rivers, you can kayak through the wilderness with rapids of ranging degrees of roughness.  The river has a few entry points with the popular one being near the 30 Mile Campground. You can kayak from the put in a point near Rio Grande Campgrounds towards the town of South-Fork. This is the most popular section among most kayakers.

3). Kayaking Destinations in Nevada

Nevada isn’t a state that most people would tend to link with kayaking, However, there are lots of destinations yo kayak in Nevada. Especially when the temperatures are off the roof, sometimes all you need is a kayaking adventure in the city in the desert.

  • Lake Mead Recreation Area

The area offers some of the most crystal clear waters that you can find in Nevada. While people can not launch kayaks at the Hoover Dam, there is another great launching at the lake where you can kayak your day away during the weekends or any time you are free.

  • Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge Centre

While most people will often go to the place for the sake of nature walking and bird viewing. The bird viewing from a kayak is far much better than walking. You will be able to cover much more ground from this vantage point at your kayak, and you are able to view so more birds while you are there.

  • Colorado River

The river is long enough offering people great vantage points across various states. Nevada offers many great launching points to kayakers who are interested in a kayak down the mighty Colorado River. Kayakers who intend to travel to the Black Canyon are able to access awesome launching points.

4). Kayaking Destinations in Florida

Florida is amongst the top vacation centers in the country. The Sunshine State has a diverse landscape that most people miss out on. From the reefs, the bays & inlets of South-Florida to the moss-covered canopies and mangrove forests; the state also has some awesome beautiful and pristine kayaking trails.

  • The Rainbow River

Northwest of Central Florida is Rainbow Springs, a spring that drains fresh water to the Rainbow River. Kayaking along its way you will find fauna and flora typical of West-Central Florida. Launching you kayak at Rainbow Springs, the kayaking trail will take you through the Ocala Forest & back again to Rainbow Springs.

  • The Manatee River

Located in West-central Florida the river offers a kayaking trail that has a typical landscape of moss-covered pine & scrub. The river offers 46-miles of kayaking paradise through Manatee County towards Tampa Bay. It is a good spot for canoeing & kayaking. Its Upper part is the perfect spot to get your kayak wet.

  • The Suwannee River

The river has some rich history that is filled with first settlers in the US colonies. Launching off at Stephen Foster Park, you can be able to explore the white springs near US-41 Bridge before kayaking through that popular run.

  • The Cedar Key

Travel to Cedar Key, the fishing village that is located off the Mexican Gulf. Enjoy its purple and pink-hued sunsets as you kayak through the waters. Embark on a 30-minute kayak to the Island of Atsena-Otie which is a historic site for the ancient Native American.


The planet is filled with awesome sceneries to go kayaking. By state, the list above has some of the best spots to go kayaking. While paddling the waterways one is able to encounter nature from a whole new perspective. You will be able to hear nature come alive. You become intertwined with nature Kayakers will often become aware of their surroundings & care more about it. So the next time you are thinking of an adventure, think of kayaking. You will be amazed by what you will be able to experience.


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