Lixada Kayak Boat Canoe Sun Shade Canopy for Single Person

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Are you looking for the Lixada kayak boat canoe sun shade canopy for single-person? Really, great choice!

A recognized trademark, Lixada focuses on kayaking, camping, fishing, jogging, cycling, swimming and other outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling.

Lixada's expert staff is dedicated to providing you with high-quality goods, which it will continue to develop based on your opinions. Their goods are meant to let you enjoy sports with more comfort, convenience, and elegance.

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  • Have you a single person kayak? I remind you that this Lixada canopy for canoe / kayak is designed for it. This Kayak canopy is made of highly durable Oxford Cloth and aviation grade aluminium rods. Ripstop technology is used on the Oxford Cloth to help protect against the sun, ultraviolet rays and wind.

    To fold up these kayak canopies are very easy. As these kayak / canoe canopies are lightweight in nature, it is easy to transport storing in a storage bag.

    Specifications of this kayak sun shade:

    Material: Oxford Cloth + Aviation Aluminum Rod

    12 Colors: Grey + Light Blue + Dark Blue + Orange + Camouflage 1 + Camouflage 2 + Camouflage 3 + Camouflage 4 + Black + Black 2 + Red + Camouflage 5 + Green

    Coverage Size: 124cm * 63cm / 4 * 2ft

    Storage Size: 60 * 10 * 5cm / 23.6 * 4.1 * 2.0in

    Weight: 490g - 800g / 1.1lb - 1.8lb

    Key of this sun shade for kayak / canoe / boat: At A Glance

    • This kayak bimini top is intended for a single person only
    • Protects you from sunburn by connecting to your kayak
    • Coverage area of approximately 8 square feet
    • Made of water-resistant ripstop oxford fabric and shock-cord aluminum rod
    • Folds up small and light, making it easy to transport with the storage bag

    What I Like

    • Lightweight
    • highly durable
    • water-resistant
    • Ripstop Oxford Cloth Technology
    • Great for different model kayaks
    • Fills 8 (Eight) square feet of space
    • Generally designed and adapted for a single person kayak
    • Different sizes are available for different kayaks/canoes/boat

    What I Don't Like

    • Not fully waterproof; can deflect sea spray but will be soaked through if it rains heavily

    Why Is A Kayak Canopy Necessary?

    If you want to protect yourself from the sun & rain, using kayak / canoe shade is an excellent way. It makes it more comfy to sit in the kayak. Kayak fishermen typically spend long hours in their kayaks, making this a handy addition to their gear. Consider packing this canoe canopy or umbrella with your other kayaking needs and giving it a shot. 

    Recommendation: Why Should You Pick This One?

    This is a wonderful choice if you want your kayak to be trendy and stand out from the others. It comes in 13 different colors, including a couple camouflage prints.

    This canoe bimini top is constructed of ripstop mesh cloth that feels fantastic, provides excellent sun protection, and is water resistant in a pointed out level. Approximately 8 square feet of space is covered by this universally sized bimini top for kayak / canoe. Lightweight poles are attached by shock cord to the frame, which is constructed of aluminum. In addition, it comes with a handy storage bag. For recreational kayaks, it's a wonderful choice if you're looking for cost-effective protection.

    You can use it as a dog paddling sun shade as well. Really, it's one of the best kayak bimini tops.


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    DIY Canoe Canopy | Bimini | Sun Shade

    Here we have shown you regarding diy kayak sun shade as if you can continue your trip until you purchase a smart one.

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