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So, you are looking for the Mad river canoes to meet your dream? Here our experts have discussed elaborately about Mad River Adventure 14 canoe and Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe so that you can take a right decision. Stick to this article with your patience to find the best one for you.

Mad River Canoes Reviews

Mad River Adventure 14 canoe

Adventure 14 Description:

Adventure 16 performance, with additional floatation and maneuverability for use on or off the water. The Adventure 14 is a fantastic canoe for going out and about, whether you're a sportsman, a family, or just looking for a second canoe. Polyethylene is used in the construction of the multi-chine shallow arch hull, which gives excellent tracking and soothing stability. This low-maintenance canoe is ideal for busy paddlers on-the-go, with features like comfy, cushioned molded seats with adjustable backrests, a standard center seat and lots of capacity to stow beverages, coolers, and luggage. The Adventure 14's robust and adaptable design makes it ideal for exploring lakes, ponds, and slow-moving rivers far from civilization.
Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe

Adventure 16 Description:

The Adventure 16 is an excellent entry-level canoe for both sportsmen and families. Polyethylene is used in the construction of the multi-chine shallow arch hull, which gives excellent tracking and soothing stability. The Adventure 16 is larger and faster than the Adventure 14, but it also has greater cargo space. This low-maintenance canoe is ideal for busy paddlers on-the-go, with features like comfy molded seats with adjustable backrests, a standard center seat, and lots of storage space for beverages, coolers, and goods. The Adventure 16's robust and adaptable design makes it ideal for exploring lakes, ponds, and slow-moving rivers far from civilization. Designed to make the installation of a trolling motor as simple as possible.

Features: Adventure 14 Vs. Adventure 16

Features: Adventure 14

  • The design is perfect for a day excursion with the family, an early morning fishing expedition, or even an overnight adventure.
  • Stability, stiffness, and great tracking are all benefits of a multi-chine hull design, and the hull's lower length makes it simpler to handle and carry.
  • Longer decks give shade and shelter from the elements, while rolling gunwales provide strength.
  • Contoured EVA foam is used in the adjustable comfort seating system on the bow and stern seats to improve comfort and grip.
  • A third paddler may sit on the center bench seat.
  • Rotomolded from the same high-density polyethylene (Gen2TM) as Wilderness Systems kayaks.
  • Construction made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) Gen2 is high-performing, durable, and cost-effective.
  • Because of the large tumblehome, this canoe may be used with traditional canoe paddles, as well as more conventionally-sized kayak paddles (230cm+).
  • Paddlers will like the many cup holders and storage trays provided.

Features: Adventure 16

  • Its shape makes it ideal for a day excursion with the family, an early morning fishing expedition, or even an overnight adventure.
  • Generous performance, tough durability, and low cost are all advantages of Gen2TM high-density polyethylene construction.
  • With a multichine hull design, you get more stability, stiffness, and tracking while also reducing the overall hull length.
  • Extensive decks give shade and shelter from the elements, while a rolled gunwale adds strength and stability to the vessel.
  • Contoured EVA foam provides comfort and grip in the bow and stern adjustable chairs.
  • A third paddler may fit comfortably on the center bench seat.
  • Because of the large tumblehome, this canoe may be used with traditional canoe paddles, as well as more conventionally-sized kayak paddles (230cm+).
  • Added comfort is provided with padded carry handles, beverage holders, and storage trays.
  • A trolling motor attachment has been added to the stern's updated design.

Technical specs: Adventure 14 Vs. Adventure 16

Technical specs: Adventure 14

Best Use




Gunwales Material



14 feet


37 inches


14 inches


75 pounds

Seat Type

Padded / Foam

Number of Paddlers


Weight Capacity (lbs)

875 pounds

Technical specs: Adventure 16

Best Use




Gunwales Material



16 feet


32.75 inches


14.5 inches


84 pounds

Seat Type

Padded / Foam

Number of Paddlers


Weight Capacity (lbs)

950 pounds

Tips: Adventure 14 Vs. Adventure 16

Tips: Adventure 14

Sturdy leisure boat delivers steady paddling performance for both entry-level paddlers and those searching for a dependable family canoe on rivers and other calm bodies of water.

Tips: Adventure 16

The Mad River Adventure 16 canoe is a great choice for first-time paddlers and families seeking for a sturdy, roomy canoe with plenty of storage space.

How to Choose A Recreational Canoe: Journey vs. Adventure

When it comes to enjoyment, Mad River Canoe is happy to offer two distinct but equally competent line-ups of canoes, dubbed the Adventure Series and the Journey Series. What's the best way to decide between them?

It's a toss-up between the two in terms of long-term use. Durable, maintenance-free polyethylene is used in both of these products. The same is true for low-maintenance design; neither will take up a lot of your spare time and is always ready to hit the water when you are. Again, there aren't many options when it comes to body weight.

The two differ in terms of layout and features, and here is where you'll have to make a decision. Recreational canoeists have their own preferences when it comes to performance, and each series caters to that.

Adventure 14 and 16

The kayak-style coaming of the Adventure series characterizes the series as a whole. They have a shallow-arch hull and a multi-chine hull side for improved ultimate stability. From the bottom to the sides, the hull is divided into "phases" or "steps." These "shoulders" provide the canoe more stability when it's tilted.

The Adventures' straight keel line and little rocking, as well as a keel that extends deep into the stern of the hull, increase its straightforward effectiveness. Multiple supports linking the seats to the hull reinforce the hull, resulting in better paddling performance.

For example, there are several "creature comforts" included as standard equipment on the Adventures, like cupholders, storage bins, and adjustable back rests. Paddling families with children will appreciate the built-in center seat, which may also be utilized for solo paddling.

The 14-pound boat weighs less than the 16-pound boat, making it more maneuverable in confined seas. It's broader and more stable than the 16 in addition to being wider. On flat water, the 16 is somewhat quicker and has a bigger carrying capacity. It also offers more space in the middle for passengers to extend their legs (especially those in the center seat). Both boats are capable of carrying a family of four, as well as supporting serious fishing.

The Adventure 16's electric trolling motor-accommodation process is meant to be as simple as possible. It's possible to add a motor mount kit in the stern for a reasonable price. Mounting the engine and putting the battery in the hull is the last step before wiring everything together. The Adventure 14 isn't designed to work with an external power source.

Due to the lowered center seat, the Adventures are difficult to solo-portage (carrying by one person at the center). If you've always wanted to go canoe camping, but you're worried about the portages, think again.

Journey 158 (15'8”) and 169 (16'9”)

The Journeys have a more typical appearance as compared to the Adventures. Due to their symmetrical hulls (identical shape in front and behind the center), they perform better in varying water conditions. When you sit on the bow seat and paddle "backwards," they're ideal for solitary usage (especially with the 158).

The canoe's shallow arch hull offers excellent stability, and a little amount of flare on the canoe's sides adds additional stiffness when the boat is tilted. Stability, seaworthiness, and capacity are all improved by the wider hulls in the middle.

They may be employed on narrow streams and winding waterways because of the boat's rocker profile. Moreover, they paddle and track effectively on flat water, and they can accelerate and turn quickly. You won't outgrow it any time soon, and it will let you to broaden your paddling experiences.

You may have rotomolded chairs or woven web seats for the Journeys. The rotomolded chairs have contours and are comfy, but they are bulkier and more expensive than the web-based seats, which are lighter. Ventilated and easy to dry, the web chairs are a great alternative to traditional fabric ones. In a sense, you have to choose your "poison" carefully. Both operate well and last a long time, but only the "roto" chairs need any kind of maintenance.

This kayak is lighter than the 169 and more suitable for paddling on water that has a lot of twists rather than straights, or for paddlers who are shorter in height. In open water, the 169 has a superior turn of speed and glide, allowing you to work less hard.

Shaped ash portage yokes are included as standard equipment on both Journeys and are installed near the vehicle's center of gravity. This makes solo canoe portaging possible while yet maintaining a high level of comfort (portaging is never painless). The spacious, uncluttered interior makes it easy to bring along a large group of people, as well as pets and family members, for extended trips on the water.

Have fun - it's one of those few occasions when you can't really lose, and both series will give you the tools to spend many pleasurable hours on the water of your choosing.

Specificatons: Passage 14 Vs. passage 16

Specs: Passage 14

Mad River® Passage 14 Canoe
Model Number: 96715009 

Polyethylene construction so is durable and virtually maintenance free
padded carry handles
Molded-in cup holders (6)
Dimensions: W actually measured 37" x 14.8' x 14"
Weight: 75 lbs
Weight Capacity: 875 lbs

Specs: passage 16

Mad River® Passage 16 Canoe
Model Number: 96717071

Polyethylene construction is durable and requires little maintenance
Padded handles
Molded-in cup holders (6)
Dimensions: W actually measured 34.75"x L 16' x H 14.75"
Weight: 81 lbs
Weight Capacity: 925 lbs

Mad River Canoe - Description: Passage 14 Vs. passage 16

Mad River Canoe Passage 14

Everyone on the planet has a deep-seated sense that something is lacking, that they are not completely satisfied. It is not enough, even for the extremely affluent, when they stare out at their estates' short-cut grass that hugs the driveway leading to their garages full of Jaguar and Porsche vehicles. Their eyes are cold and strained.

It's insufficient. These are the war cries that have unsheathed swords, forked tongues, and unlocked wallets for generations of mankind. You, my reader, know these words in your heart even now as you reflect on the things in your life: house, family, car(s), job(s), bank account(s), investment plan(s), clothing (and food), television programs (and so on). It's insufficient. There is no doubt in your mind that this is the case. Despite your efforts, you are still lacking something.

The Mad River Passage 14 Canoe from the Mad River canoeing company is just what you want. You'll be able to transport three persons and freight with ease because to the multi-chine hull's fourteen-foot length. Passage 14 canoes are comparable to the Mad River Adventure 14 canoes, although they're $200 less expensive. In order to promote quick and smooth forward gliding, the hull is designed with an asymmetrical Swede form shape. The backrests of the chairs may be folded down for easy storage and are cushioned with foam for comfort. Serious explorers will appreciate the several cup-holders on board. Many places ahead and aft are useful for storing coolers, paddles, tents and life jackets. Even for little children, the middle seat is well-fitting and surprisingly comfy.

The Mad River Passage 14 is built to last and will easily bounce off and scrape over the underwater rock surface. It floats down rivers with ease and floats across lakes with ease. It's a great river canoe since it's both lightweight and robust. Look at this hazy photo of a thin guy carrying a Passage 14 canoe over his head to get an idea of how light the boat is. If the photo were sharper, you may be able to make out that he seems to be under no stress, which is due to the fact that the load is so little. This thing weighs no more than your five-year-old child, who you pick up every day! It's just 75 pounds!
If you look closely at the photo above, you'll see that the individuals in their Passage 14 boat are smiling broadly. It's difficult to see any indicators of discontent in their life other than a misunderstanding. That Mad River Adventure 14 canoe's passengers look to be content and whole.

If you're in a Passage 14 Canoe, it could help you seem more cheerful. I'm afraid I can't make any promises about accuracy. In fact, the only thing I can promise you is that it will not make you whole. Other than that, the Passage 14 is an excellent canoe to have in your arsenal. To minimize the high shipping costs, I suggest purchasing one from Dick's and picking it up in-store.

Mad River Canoe Passage 16

I'm eager to give it a shot. However, I do want to transport up to three people in it. Neither of the chairs functioned properly after just a few usage. My height is 175 centimeters "and 165 pounds, and I felt perfectly at home in the center of the plane. If you can locate one, Dick's sporting goods still offers the passage 16 for $499 if it's on sale. It was on sale for $350 and I received an extra 10% off for being a display model and another 10% off for applying for the Dick's card.

IMPORTANT: The maximum weight that a vehicle may transport... Mad River Passage 14 Canoe you'll find a wide selection of new and used, as well as bargains, at eBay.

For a kind of rooftop transportation, how do you hook the canoe's ends to the bumpers? We're trying to decide between a canoe and a kayak right now. The chieftain's wife. For Christmas, purchase a great grill for your daughter and a lawnmower for your wife. Regardless matter how Mad River gauges canoe width, the broadest point is not 37 inches "(Phrase). Do you have to do both shoulders, or can you just do one? Saisonabverkauf! It's exactly the same as Dick's passage 16 in that regard. Sailing - Mad River Canoe Class C Sail Rig, $550 (Platte City) James Henry, the man behind Mad River Canoe Co.'s inception, built this Class C Sail Rig. Thank goodness for patience. 95 Two different shades of blue White Mad River Side Decal Replacement $18. The Adventure, on the other hand, has cushioned seats both up front and in the back. If you tilt the canoe, the foam beneath the front and back seats will hold it above the water. This canoe is nowhere to be seen on the internet. 16-foot river passage canoe with a crazy design.

Legend is an excellent choice for whitewater paddling but a total dud on flatwater. The following are Dick's website specs, which I have confirmed and rectified in green, and what I feel is incorrectly marked in red. Dick's has these for sale, and I just acquired one of my own. Adventure races aren't the best for a three-person team, therefore I probably should have opted for the 16' instead. Every piece of equipment is made of stainless steel. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Wow. Searching for a boat in Huntington, KY? Look no further than this Mad River Passage 16 listed for $350. (Huntington) Mad River 16 - $350 (Huntington) See the full-size picture There is an advertisement with the following ID: 106199763472453 7 people have seen this. It's going for $350.00. After four portaging sessions, I was at an all-time high of eight (4 up, 4 down). They're called CUP holders for a reason; they can't hold up soda cans. The multi-chine shallow arch hull design of the Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe delivers smooth tracking, comfortable stability, and is made of polyethylene for enhanced sturdiness and long-term use. I'm crossing my fingers that it arrives this time! The floor is now open for discussion. It's in fantastic shape. Since December of 2010, I've been attempting to get Dick's canoe. My research also included comparing Dick's website to that of Disney. It was not a pleasant sight. Due of limited storage space, I'd have to hang it from the gun-whales on its side. Other than that, everything went according to plan. CANOE - Mad River Passage 16 with paddles: Shop a wide selection of new and used boats for sale on eBay. Used sparingly with two full-sized paddles and a homemade set of stabilizers for my children. There is no better way to experience canoeing than with one of the Adventures. Not even a single scratch or ding has ever occurred on the interior or exterior of this piece.

This is a very well-written article. The Adventure has highly comfy seats, with adjustable, cushioned backrests and a central seat. Thanks! The condition is excellent. It was too good an opportunity to miss. A picture of what's behind the rear seat looks like as shown below. I hope this has provided you with some inspiration. Superb review, thanks for sharing! Worried about carrying it without a yoke is top of my list of concerns. the sum of: 59 17139 Gielow. Larger coolers will have to be brought in since there isn't much space. A drain plug is located at the back of the boat so that any water left over after washing may be drained. An excellent fishing canoe, the Mad River Passage 14. The Adventure 16's robust and adaptable design makes it ideal for exploring lakes, ponds, and slow-moving rivers far from civilization. The Mad River Passage 14 is built to last and will easily bounce off and scrape over the underwater rock surface. There are a total of six beverages that may be carried in a three-person canoe (or kayak). From there, I want to do some fly fishing. Academy Burial Grounds No.17. Mad River Passage 16 Canoe is the model of boat you're looking at. Wow, what a thorough analysis of this vessel you've provided. You were given the names and measurements of a few different types of boats sold by various product distributors. Perfectly done and, more importantly, well timed for me, since even though the article is outdated, I'm willing to pay $150.00 for a secondhand one in pristine condition.

Thanks for taking the time to write the review/just THINK, it benefited someone, me,years later.

Everyone have a safe and fun boating experience! The boat's front and back each have their own set of grab grips. More is not necessary. My vehicle's straps are held in place by heavy-duty stainless steel bolts, nuts, and washers that I installed in the carrying handles. My purchase took place in Richmond, VA, late last night. Thanks for buying a boat for the family and declaring it a birthday gift for your kid. So far, I've just used it on a sluggish river in Florida. We purchased under-canoe wheels for use on longer trips. Every year, a little amount of tongue oil has been administered topically. The backrests on these boats are priceless. Mad River is presently continuing Dagger's Legend series. There are several small discrepancies between photographs on the internet and the ones in Dicks when looking at the Mad River Adventure 16. 9-454-0707 Ma-pe (9-18), la (10-14) [email protected] In terms of recreational canoes, the Mad River® Passage 14 Canoe combines both stability and simplicity of paddling. Not bad, given the canoe's and crew's combined weight.

After some research, I discovered that we should start with our backs facing us and then let me do the crawling. This was surprisingly relaxing. The Adventure is best suited for first-timers and short-term renters. As an athlete or a family, you'll love paddling this boat. That's what I got out of a Mad River Explorer 16-footer. You will not be dissatisfied with this purchase. Shop for Mad River Passage 14 Canoe with confidence on In fact, this was our second time paddling the canoe together. Waxed-belt seats on the Mad River JOURNEY 167. Other than spots like the one shown below, where the dark hue peeks through the speckled greenish/blueish tint, I'm not sure why it's called that In front of each passenger's head, there is a double cup holder. The Mad River Adventure 16 canoe is a great choice for first-time paddlers and families seeking for a sturdy, roomy canoe with plenty of storage space. This weekend marks the first trip to the Arizonan rim. 14-Day Canoe Adventure on the Mad River There isn't a way to buy this product right now on the internet.

Because of its small size, it's simple to move, handle, and load as well. To get the most out of your canoeing experience, understand where to go and what to do while you're on the river. I believe it's either chapter 14 or chapter 16. I just purchased an Adventure 16 (an earlier model). Drinks, coolers, and bags may all be stored comfortably. Everything went just how I expected it to go. You can always be inventive, but if you want to add a motor, I recommend getting a canoe with a flat back.

Mad River Kevlar Canoe: Mad River Explorer Kevlar Expedition IQ Canoe is no longer available

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