20+ Amazon Trending Products For Outdoor Lovers [Tips- 2022]

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I love the outdoors…but, I don’t always love the way I smell and look in the outdoors. Let’s be real, even though we may say we like roughing it, the truth is our hair, teeth, and skin require maintenance. We can’t leave it all behind. And really, there’s nothing better than looking beautiful, while taking a picture with nature’s beauty. Luckily, I’m not the only one who has a love/hate relationship with it. Products are constantly popping up to make sure you still look like your glowing self after a long day in the sun.

Now, I pack for my hikes and camping trips with a purpose, to look fabulous. From leave-in-conditioners that protect the planet and my hair, to multi-use makeup sticks and portable showers, there’s no luxury I miss. These products will make sure that even though you’re getting your daily dose of Vitamin D and physical activity, you’re still looking instagrammable.

1. You Need This in Your Makeup Routine

Loving the outdoors doesn’t mean you have to compromise on looking good. Pretty pics of ourselves outside is the reason we do this anyway, right? Luckily, this multi-stick exists to make sure you look right, wherever you are. Pics at the top of your hike just got taken to the next level. All your friends will wonder how you look so good after all that exercise.

2. Keep Your Head (And Your ‘Fits) Cool All Summer

If you’re anything like me, summer means being outside constantly. Unfortunately, that means investing in sun protection, but good news, cute and functional hats exist! So don’t sweat, we’ve got you covered. These bucket hats have the cutest patterns, and they’re reversible, so you’re basically getting two styles for the price of one. You should probably stock up.

3. Brush Away All Your Hair Woes

One reviewer called this wet hair brush the eighth wonder of the world, and they were only exaggerating a bit. Since buying this brush, my hair has never looked better; breakage has been kept at bay, and the bristles feel like a scalp massage. Best of all, it’s mini-sized! Perfect for throwing in a backpack to keep your hair looking sleek and shiny, even when your accommodations are less than glamorous.

4. This Product Will Become Your Summertime Fave

Summer means some of my favourite things: cute shorts, lots of walking, and tons of time outside. But for me, those things are synonymous with chafing. My thighs are bright red at the end of a long day in the sun and I needed something to help. This balm was recommended to me, and I’m gonna pay it forward and recommend it to you guys — it’s heaven-sent. Chub-rub be gone!

5. Keep Yourself, and the Earth, Clean

If you’re going for that Granola Girl vibe this summer, or if you want to spend more time in the great outdoors, you absolutely need this wash. You can literally clean anything with it — your hands, your clothes, your dishes, your hair. This will be a saviour when you need to pack light for those long trips in the woods. Best of all it’s biodegradable and environmentally safe!

6. Protect Your Eyes From the Sun, and Look Cute Doing It

Nothing says summer like a perfect pair of sunglasses. But the perfect pair can be soooo hard to find. These ones compliment any outfit, and they’ve got UV protection! There’s a reason why they’re Amazon’s Choice — and it’s not just because I petitioned for it.

7. Leaks? IDK Her

If you’re a menstruator, especially one that loves camping, hiking, or any activity that involves a lack of bathroom access, let me show you a life-changing tool. These cups can last for 12 hours without any leaks and are reusable. Say goodbye to period waste and leak worries with this handy little cup!

8. Bringing the Laundromat to You

Have you ever been on vacation, and you needed to wash a top (or a pair of pants, or underwear, or whatever), and had no idea where the nearest laundromat was? Same. I got this little wash bag for my last vacation, and it was so worth it. I can wash whatever I bring with me, so I can even back lighter … but I probably still won’t.

9. Toothpaste Tubes are So Last Year

The tube, the box, and the plastic wrap covering the box — talk about wasteful! These tablets are so much better for you and the earth. You’ll actually be able to pronounce the ingredients in these, but you won’t have to compromise your shiny white teeth and fresh breath. I see no reason not to add these tablets to your cart ASAP.

10. My Favourite Way to Protect My Skin from the Sun

I personally hate sunscreen – I can’t seem to find one that doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily and sticky, so I never really wear it. A friend told me about this product, and I fell in love. So portable and so easy to apply. You get all the protection from the sun with none of the oily mess – it’s a win-win.

11. On-The-Go Shaving has Never Been Easier

Have you ever gotten ready to go out, left the house, and then noticed you missed a spot when shaving? Same, and it’s totally the worst. This portable shaving kit has been a lifesaver – it has a pre-shave balm, so I can shave on the go without getting pesky razor burn.

12. Keep Your Teeth and the Environment Clean

Why fill up landfills with plastic toothbrushes? These toothbrushes won’t just keep your teeth clean — they’ll keep our planet clean too. The bristles are super soft — no sore gums after brushing. Not to mention the minimalist neutral aesthetic is so much more my vibe.

13. Prevent Pool Hair Easily With This

For me, summer means lots of long days at the pool or beach. It also means my hair getting super dry and gross with all the chlorine and salt water. This hair product is a must-have — it keeps my hair oh-so-soft and tangle-free all summer long. Best of all it has UV protection and is eco-conscious, no need to worry about damage to your hair or the water!

14. This Product Will Keep You Clean Wherever and Whenever

I thought by 2021 we’d have flying cars, but who would’ve thought we’d have bottled showers? That’s exactly what this is — a body wash that doesn’t need to be rinsed off with water afterwards. It’s perfect for when you’re in a rush after the gym or after a long day of travelling.

15. Hand Soap Just Got a Major Makeover

Have you ever found yourself hiking, or on a road trip, and you have nowhere to wash your hands? I have, and it’s definitely not ideal. These little soap sheets are an amazing alternative. They come in a case the size of a pack of gum, so you can literally take these anywhere.

16. Say Goodbye to Your Traditional Makeup Wipes

It’s no secret that regular makeup removing wipes aren’t the greatest, but I haven’t been able to find a makeup remover that my skin likes. I was skeptical about these at first (removing my full face with just water? As if!), but after a few uses, I’m definitely a believer. My skin is happy, the environment is happy, and I’m set for my outdoor adventure.

17. There’s a Reason Why this Mirror is Amazon’s Choice

This mirror is perfect for any gal on the go – I bought one for travelling and one to leave at my boyfriend’s house, and it was definitely worth every penny. No more uneven eyeliner or unblended concealer. My makeup game is next level with this, y’all better watch out!

18. Be the Most Organized Traveller… Ever

Whenever I’m packing for vacation, my luggage is always a disaster; I’ve got shampoo in one pocket, conditioner buried under my clothes, and my toothbrush is usually buried so deep I have to buy another one at my destination. This bag is my new go-to to have everything organized and where it needs to be.

19. The Uplifting Daily Affirmations You Need

When you’re in a rut and need a little energy boost, look no further. These water bottles will give you all the motivation you need while keeping you hydrated throughout the day. Soon, you’ll be crossing off all your fitness and health goals and everyone will be asking you how you did it. We know you’ve got this.

20. Get the Perfect Summer Glow

If you hate sunscreen, this lightweight formula is for you. Say goodbye to your greasy, uneven complexion and hello to this weightless, scentless sunscreen that also doubles as a primer for your makeup. Get that tanned summer glow and stay safe while doing it; I know you’ll love this.

21. Get Your Feet Looking Fabulous

I’ll admit it, my feet are definitely not perfect. I get super dry, cracked heels, and getting them to become soft again has been a nightmare! This foot balm is the real deal — don’t believe me? Just check out the before and after pics that some reviewers post.

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